Why Amazon must be in the conversation somewhere

I always knew for people in the developing nations it would take time to learn more complex digital skills. For example the tasks on Fiverr require a higher skill level, Im not saying people in the developing nations cant reach this level, I just mean it will take time to learn the skills required to complete these tasks. But when you look at something like Mechanical Turk, run by Amazon, it is a lower skilled marketplace, tasks include taking a survey, or translating something, or watching a video for sensitive information. Which is great because some people can get earning right away.

My only concern is how ETN can work with Amazon on something like this, will it require a 3rd party to hold ETN and Amazon pay the 3rd party in Fiat. I cant see Amazon taking on the risk of holding ETN much like the Telcos in Brazil. SO how can something like this work? Or will ETN compete with Amazon as well as Fiverr?

Not exactly sure what you’re asking. But Electroneum will not be partnering up with Amazon for the Gig and E-learning platform from what I know atleast.

From what I do know, Gig-guru & the E-learning platform will be electroneum themselves running it all + 3rd party(ies) for the conversion of FIAT -> ETN.

Probably though, I can see Electroneum partnering up with other companies in the future for a broader and more wide range of E-learning oppurtunities in their platform. *Details here is quite vague still and there is much speculation and confirmations to be done from the team.

So yes, technically Electroneum’s gig and E-learning will be in direct competition with Amazon and Fiverr ETC.
But I see it more as they will be competeing with Electroneum as in the broad range of eyes, our platform will outperform them on every task IMO.

This is all based on what I know already, and it may or may not hold 100% true.

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Why do you assume that the ETN Gig site is just for people in developing nations and why do you assume that these people don’t have the skills for this?

I would say the goal is to get people already offering their services on those other sites to come over to ETN and offer their services there as well.

Look at how AirBnB started with no user base and how they poached their users from Craigslist, the rest they say is history.

Look at the image i posted, Fiverr now takes 43% leaving the seller with only 57%
(It’s not me who placed those orders)

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