Why all these notifications?


Although I do like the notifications in the app showing transactions, I don’t really understand why I need to see all these “Wallet refresh” notifications. In the beginning they are very confusing, cause I though they were some kind of transactions. Now I guess they are just telling me that the app is checking the blockchain for updates on my wallet balance, so even though I don’t fully understand them, I have gotten used to it to a degree that they only remain somewhat irritating at best.
I do understand that some might find them useful, but could we at least get an option to turn them off, so that we only see transaction notifications?


I do not get any of these extra notifications unless I tap on refresh button inside the wallet or close and reopen app.

Upon opening mobile wallet and taping Wallet at the bottom, it will generate 1 notification, unless I tap refresh button, I will not get another notification, or unless I close the app.

If you close the app and reopen the app and tap on Wallet, app will generate another notification, now you will have two, one from previous opening and one from current opening, they will stack unless cleared.


I did see a few uninitiated by user refresh earlier today (several which were very close together actually) and I thought there seemed a few more than usual.

I was curious what all the hub-bub was… (I never say hub-bub).

I wonder however if this was just a first noisy re-syncing post major update and the likelyhood is that we won’t see them as often most of the rest of the time - this is just speculation, but would seem to make sense.


Okay I get it, we can discuss how and why they show up, but that will end up being beside my point. I just don’t want to see them, so I would really appreciate the option to turn them off, and my guess is that I am not the only one.
If I have to go trough a discussion on this forum to understand why they are there or what triggers them to show up, then that mean there will be countless other users that also do not understand these wallet refresh notifications.
Please don’t ask me to just ignore them, if I do make it a habit of not paying attention to the notifications, I will probably end up missing an important notification, like a customer sending me money for a t-shirt, expecting me to act accordingly.


I was about to post a recommendation to cool down the wallet refresh updates. I LOVE how the app is checking automatically, but I don’t need to know when it does. I am one of those people that keeps notifications clear on all apps and duties so I stay on top of what’s going on. So seeing 15+ wallet refresh notices is a little irritating, but by no means a huge deal…but something I’d like to see go away. Keep doing the actual refreshes! Just don’t feel the need to notify me when it does!