Who or what is "the collective" in telegram chats?

I keep seeing “the collective” added to telegram user names, Who are these people they claim to be “social engineers” would like to know people’s opinions

Paid shills.

Basically “The Collective” and “The Core” are companies run by people who used to be part of the Electroneum community who setup their own business where they get paid by ICOs to run their telegram and shill their coins.

They are nothing to do with Electroneum and to be honest its embarrassing that the telegram mods let them do it and even direct users to there chats, i have raised this with the mods but they dont do anything. These companies just leach off Electroneums success and try and steal users to invest in competitors.

It happens in all successful projects, people appear to try and make money off them.


2 of them is in this community… dun dun derrrrrr maybe more …

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you nailed it :+1: they flood the chats trying to gain admin status, you put a foot wrong you get booted

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They love banning people from telegram chats. Often for asking reasonable questions.

They’ve been involved with more than 1 ‘questionable’ project. They still are involved with 1, i think.


Hahahaha , yeah spot on.

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