Who can help! Regarding withdraw and KYC!


How can clarify that can we withdraw more than 10,000 Euro equivalents to ETN from 10th Oct till 12th Nov without passing KYC level 2,3?
I am confused regarding the latest email of Richard that he said level 2,3 will be mandatory by 12th Nov!
I would be grateful if you could clarify this issue to me🙏🏼


Yes I believe you can before the 12th of November , after that no unless you have done kyc 3.

The only option I’m aware of is to leave it on the exchange if you can’t do the kyc but I wouldn’t recommend that at all , as exchanges are not wallets thus they are not as safe as stored in an offline paper wallet or in the etn app


That’s true!
I prefer hold in wallet even without KYC and limits of withdrawal instead of sending to exchanges with all risks of hacks and so on!