Who are the 2.6 million users?

the website says etn has 2,627,115 registered users. the mobile miner says 123,772 active users. Who are those 2.5 million users? iPhone users waiting for the mobile miner? :grin:

All the rest, what you see in the mobile miner is the one that is activ at that moment mining. If i got i t right :slight_smile:


We have over 1 000 000 downloads of our app. So and active in one time is about 130k. If you count will all that are not permanently connected we maybe have 200k… Not everyone is interested in mining about 1-1.5$ per month and instability of the app. I am mining nonstop but only for statistics reasons… More in my excel… i really want to see cloud mining and iOs version not in beta but full version :slight_smile: and some partnership will help us to reach new records :wink:


I would say a very large amount are probably from investors or just traders who maybe we wouldn’t see on the forums also yes probably Iphone users who are waiting for the app. Would be nice to see some stats but I doubt ETN would ever release that type of user info. info like that is often top secret in companies some won’t even give a number of certain stats.


your askin whos the other 2.5m user? its you… hehe do you even mined ?? if not then i consider you as an IOS user

Or if you need to know from where they are you have here map :slight_smile:

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Do you have their names too in your excel sheet ? :grin::joy:

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Yes next update. Names emails telephone number. Numbers of passports and pictures too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: together forever :slight_smile:


I mined on PC with xmr-stak and winminer and mining on mobile and buying every month. iPhone/Apple is not my favourite brand

how do you know which registered user is from which country?

ETN give this data to one of the member at Twitter I just take this picture and retweet it and than split to more and target each continent separately :slight_smile: