Which crypto is the safest bet in 2019 poll

  • Electroneum
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin

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Let the voting begin…
As if I don’t know the answer , just playing with the new toys in the community… tee hee …


That one isn’t hard to answer for me @Chris_T :yum:


If you make this kind of poll in the electroneum forum then the answer is obvious.


Exactly why it’s done in non etn discussion , but we all know who’s gonna win…



Zcash and Monero should be in the poll.


:smiley: gotta love unbiased polls :heart:


Hahaha ok I’ll add the other coins after I’ve contacted a mod


@Chris_T built-in polls are a great feature
perhaps and im just guessing here, There Will Be Polls in the future