Which country in africa do you think has the highest etn users


State your findings here with proof.


Maybe Nigeria ? :earth_africa:


I agree with you Sir


Hahaha great. :grin:
:earth_africa: :earth_africa:


Nigeria most definetly


Don’t mind BonnieD. The post hasn’t been deleted. Make your comments please.


Nigeria :nigeria: :muscle: definitely


For now i think Nigeria,But soon it will be South Africa if we have more marketing…:grin::grin::grin:


I’d like it to be SA. We gonna need it pretty soon with our Government. Expropriation without compensation is an economy killer…


I think Nigeria they are more open on cripto currency


This data is directly from google Trends, the list shows popularity of ETN sorted by country, so it seems like Nigeria is your answer indeed :slight_smile:

  1. Romania

  2. Nigeria

  3. South Africa

  4. Ghana

  5. Macedonia


True talk. Nigerians are moving fast towards crypto


This is absolutely awesome. :nigeria: