Where is my ETN from electroneum to hitbtc

I sent 1247.61 ETN from electroneum wallet to hitbtc wallet but there is not… Where is my etn?.

I dont use payment ID because electroneum wallet said it is optional .

hitbtc says payment id is obligatory for etn.
here is the info and how to contact hitbtc support


Hopefully this helps some @user2156 , also always be sure you know and read all information for deposits and withdrawals before sending anything to prevent this. If you ever have questions about something there are many on the forum that can point you in the right direction.

Also I would recommend always sending a small amount first as a test.


Sorry to hear that 2156. Hopefully HitBTC will be able/willing to help you, others have very kindly provided links above to their support.

Remember to always check requirements when depositing to an exchange or you risk losing your coins. They generally make it clear when its required, as HITBTC does on their deposit screen:

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