When will the team implement KYC (Know your customer)

When will the team implement a world class Know your customer (KYC) processes happen?
I see this as the single most important aspect for mass adoption that isn’t in existence on the ETN platform. I am all in on this fantastic project great work ETN Team!

I don’t know if this will be true but in my opinion they will go for (KYC) in Q4 of this year before they will do marketing in 2019.

It would make sense to do it before the marketing in 2019 i think atleast. :thinking:

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I believe the KYC needs to be a top priority. This gives legitimacy to the currency globally.

i Agree it has to be top priority i wouldn’t doubt that Richard and the ETN team are already fully working on making that happen.

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Yes I think the mobile phone contracts they have are contingent on the KYC, that is why with September already here we need this for the cellphone plan and all the contracts to kick in.

They were listining you were right.

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Is it still okay to buy and sell ETN on exchanges while doing KYC?

Yes just like always Richard answers most concerns on the video

@Tanwax it actually surprised me that it came so fast the ETN team amazed me once more :stuck_out_tongue: btw you should add a cool nickname in your profile :wink:

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@Newbie_101517 Yes personally i think that won’t be a problem i think its only if you put it on your online wallet to either spend ETN in the future or want to hold it on there i don’t think that it affects paper wallets either :wink:

My Wife is now level 2 KYC and as soon as this is complete she will go for level 3.

Unfortunate news but if we need to do the work right let it be so.

The recent announcement makes me to ask you to refer to the original post.
We need a solid date for total implementation.