When will the iOS etn app launch


I haven’t heard any news on anything concerning the iOS app so I was just wondering


Sometime between now and never. :wink: No time frame at all and could come out anytime! Sorry as there zero time frame given for it.

IOS iPhone beta testers. / iPhone user, waiting room

Richard mentioned in the video with Crypto Rich that they are nearing the end of the iOS app beta test. Can’t remember how long they still have to go. But he reassured that it should go live soon after the beta.


Yup @benjaminoo is right it should be around the corner hopefully really fast i am really hoping for it to come out also :blush:


I believe Richard said it will definitely be launched in September.


In the most recent video regarding KYC at the 5:25 time stamp he said 10 to 15 days after KYC launch.


I have been using the iOS app in beta for quite a while it works perfectly !!!
I believe it will be released before October
As they will want it fully live
Before the deals and marketing start dropping
As they will want to market a fully working product


Yeah that’s very true. They’ll probably get it love before starting their marketing campaign.

By da way, I love the ETN coin on your profile pic! Is it yours?


We both have silver ETN coins. Mines #34.


Is this from Real Coin Co? I’m so jealous…


Yer I got it ages ago from here https://therealcoincompany.com
It looks so good :grinning::grinning:


Is there a way to see how many coins are already sold there? they will only sell 5000 in total but i might get one in the future still :thinking: