When Will ETN Be Listed on Bittrex?


I’m excited about Electroneum’s future as our firm see’s great potential. As an institutional buyer, I am curious when ETN will be listed on Bittrex? I’ve explored the options in other brokerages, but can’t seem to buy more than a couple million ETN at a time. If you were listed on a bigger exchange like Bittrex where we are active this would allow for higher volume and bigger trades.

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Well the highest sell volume (liquidity) is all on Kucoin. Here are where most sellers are, just not enough buyers at the moment. There is 4 million ETN sitting there under 180sats for a big buyer. Not sure what your investment objective is or funds are to allocate to this global scale project. In any case with 6 million mining coins produced a day and maybe 50-75% hitting the exchanges, I would have thought at a minimum an institutional buyer would be buying 10s of millions (if not 100s millions) to take up a position in Electroneum. We have retail buyers on here buying 5-6 million ETN from time to time. You could just clear some lines and wait for it to fill up again. Happy buying and welcome to this great project! :slight_smile:


Without more demand it doesn’t matter.


Welcome to the forum! Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re listed on Bittrex. Meanwhile @Storm’s suggestion is good. Also I suspect liquid exchange will see some healthy growth soon. Good luck with your ETN buys.


You can search bittrex vote in the searh pane (top right )
We voted at some stage.


Isnt Bittrex one of the worst fake washtrade volumes?


We are actually looking to make a larger sized investment 100-300 m. ETN’s price is a steal where it’s at. We’ve been acquiring in smaller lots but would like to stop beating around the bush and buy a much larger position.


You may be forced to buy a few million a day. Or register with all the exchanges that ETN is listed on and purchase everything available. Wipe those sell walls clean. You’re so right; ETN price is a steal right now! Sale is on, basement prices. Any day now, other institutional money will start pouring in and that will skyrocket the price. By the time ETN is on Bittrex, the price may be much higher. I suggest seriously considering other options.


Well that’s great to hear and that size of investment would be appropriate. I think your timing is good. I guess you will have to average in.

It will take 3 months to see how the first commercial MVNO ‘The Unlisted’ gets on, and we hope to get an update on TelJoy or other mobile operator in that time frame. And of course with circa 30 deals in the pipeline. This has the potential to go parabolic.

The value proposition is a no brainer - free cloud mining ETN + the MVNO get free ETN for each new customer. And that excludes the MVNOs own data/product incentives.

Have you contacted the Electroneum team. They have been approached in the past by Institutions and Corporates (and interact with them to promote the project). They have typically advised them to buy coins on market. But may provide further insights to an organisation your size moving to take a strategic position.

May I ask if you are a crypto investment fund or a general purpose fund (stocks/bonds/crypto)?


Electroneum had officially applied for listing on Bittrex. So, it’s up to Bittrex to list the ETN on their exchange.
Alongwith the official application Electroneum had also replied Bittrex on Twitter.


We’re a private equity firm. We don’t mind sitting on our holdings long-term. Until Electroneum is listed in larger volume, we’ll continue to accumulate every day. It would be nice one day if we could buy a couple hundred million ETN on an exchange then move it to cold storage. We’re looking forward to Electroneum’s successful future.


We’ll try to bring this up with Bittrex to why they haven’t listed ETN yet. Thanks for the heads up that Electroneum has applied.


While you’re at it, feel free to contact Coinbase, Binance, and Bakt to put a good word in. :wink: