When moon ? analysis answer pls

my friend always ask me when this coin goin moon like a little baby when the price keep dropped ?
any one can help me answer with analyst ? so ican explain to my friend

I think its March 6, 2019. Arround 14PM


No one on the planet can tell you that. TA does not predict anything.

The better question to ask is, “Do you believe the project will moon?”

If the answer is yes, then buy and HODL. If the answer is no, sell.


loll hahaha , just belive

yep okay , but can u explain a little about TA to me ? how the TA work and influence the price ? im new here to learning about TA

April 2nd would be nice :sunglasses::joy:
would be best birthday surprise ever :tada:


Moon aint a overnight happening. If you think that, search for bitconnect projects…

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There is A LOT to TA that I could not sum up in a simple post. I’ve dedicated many hours per day for 15 months to learning it and I’m still learning it. There are a couple main things I can say that will give you a small understanding.

  1. TA does not influence price. It is the exact opposite. Price influences TA. There are tools and indicators you can use based on price movement that can give you a general understanding of what might come next…but you can expect to be wrong most of the time.

  2. Trend lines are the basis of all TA. If you want to learn about TA, study trend lines and broaden your knowledge from there.

The way I learned TA was by watching countless hours of real TA people on you tube, what techniques they use and why they use them. Sometimes it takes many videos of watching the same people to really get an understanding of some things they do as they do not always explain everything in detail in a single video.

Final note, TA is not something anyone can do. It does require a keen eye of noticing patterns, drawing them and analyzing them. Little did I know, I possess some of that skill naturally. But by no means do I consider myself a professional…if there is such a thing? There are guys out there that will do all sorts of fancy stuff using tools I’ve never even heard of based on theories that may or may not hold true…but from what I’ve found, the simpler you make it, the easier it is to learn and base your trades off of.


ok thx so much about explanation i appreciate that , but can i aks one more , what factor can be influence price of etn ? BTC ? or something else

ETN is like any other crypto (for the most part) in the fact that it is affected by BTC’s price. However, ETN has a lot of FIAT pairings which help mitigate the percentage gains/losses which protect the price in a small way from BTC. But at the end of the day, BTC still dictates everything.

In terms of price gains against BTC, it’s all about what the ETN team does…positive news/announcements, adoption and more interest in general are what drives the prices against BTC up.