When is iOS app coming

Does anyone know when the iOS app is coming? Also does anyone have any idea how this will be used to cloud mine?

iOS still in beta. They was aiming for the end of October or mid November.


Thanks Deedigital, can’t wait!

I’m curious if the guys at ETN have an ETA for us?

I’m on the verge of buying a Wal-Mart prepaid Android just to download the app and leave it running 24/7 to mine. Anybody doing this now? Any issues?

i highlt recommend you to watch allabouttech’s video tomorrow on youtube, tomorrow’s topic is ios app

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Thought about buying an cheap android on Chinavasion to do the same thing. But there was a interview I saw with the Richard Ellis a month ago where he said the cloud mining would be more valuable to the miner.

Thanks for the vid hook up I’ll check it out.

By the way anyone know how to hook up my Yoti here so I can put my name in? I can’t seem to find it.

Check out All About Tech recent video, there is talk about iOS app in there…

I’ll try find a link…

The payout is really quite low at the moment, maybe 10 ETN every 5-10 days constantly connected.

Planned for Q4 to get past Apples being difficult over the iOS app is Cloud Mining

I’d wait depending on how curious you are to see the miner in action.

BDBEAE, we both get boost, is my referral which I tend never to post, some people find it spammy as do I in inappropriate places.

I wish they’d just release it already, since it’s approved. They want to wait til cloud miner is ready, but the mobile wallet is a more valuable utility, IMO.

It allows users to transact, whereas the cloud miner distributes pissy amounts, too small for practical use.

And wen it comes now ??? I listen nothing of a date in the video.