When and where is Marketing going to start?


2nd week into October and i dont see any marketing ?




This month. Depending on where you are you may and may not see it. I’m in Los Angeles so I’m sure unless posted I won’t see much marketing


:exploding_head::man_dancing::sunglasses: marketing… soon…


Theoretically, tomorrow. They have to announce the big mobile operator partnership (fingers crossed for Vodafone). After that, the marketing can start.


Marketing will be targeted. Lets not get ahead of ourselves :slight_smile:


Too agree with you… it start after mandatory KYC… so possibility is here at 10.10.2018 big day…
Check more operators that can join us and you can add tags…


Are all technical issues solved ? if not how can they start campaign ?


didn’t mandatory KYC get pushed back to November?


There isn’t one single project that works flawlessly from start to end. But ETN’s issues are like peanuts, as compared to other well established projects, that haven’t got a working product not even 3 years after the ICO.


indeed,- they’re gonna want the IoS app available at least otherwise you’ll be marketing to folks who can’t use it yet.


Well it’s started already unless you’re waiting for BBC to Broadcast it.


That is true but then again the last thing we need to bring a lot of attention and soon after that fail ! Is better to be super sure that product will be working reliably before marketing starts, doesn’t make sense ?


It probably does at this point, otherwise they wouldn’t push the marketing. Richard is more than capable and he is the best man for this job.


He he has held back a few things when they weren’t quite ready.


I don’t think we should talk about mishaps right now, when we want to moon.