What's your number?


What is your magic selling number? $1.00?


I have a number of levels to sell at, a plan if you will. No way would I consider selling all at $1.00. As many wiser people than me have said, make a plan and stick to it. $1 will be a tipping point for many then 1 Euro, £1 and so on. Good luck.


I never plan on selling all my stash of any of my coins that i hold. I never bought my coins with a deadline or a number in mind. I completely Understand that somepeople bought into Crypto just to make money. I however bought into it hoping for it to mature so that i can live happy with no money worries BUT i hope to spend it to buy the things i want instead of turning it into FIAT money to do the same.
If i need a chunk of real money at some point i wouldn’t rule out selling some but I certainly don’t have a plan of liquidating my Crypto for real money.
I may sell in 10% chunks if i have to, that way i never have “none” and i can never miss out on any crazy runs regardless of when they are.

To sell all at £1 and it to get to £10 would be brutal, to sell at £10 and it to reach £50 would be a killer. Small 10% chunks no more than once per year would work for me. But i’d much rather buy a house or car with my Crypto rather than turn into real money and pay that way.


I’m not a sell out I will hold until Electroneum is a standard currency and I can use anywhere and there will be no need to sell for fiat. Who wants fiat? I want Electroneum ! :zap:


Well to be perfectly honest I have to agree with all of you.
Ultimately I know one magic number @M-Kid let slide…!
So ill be looking closely at $99.99 thanks M.!
Anything I have to part with to survive will be going back through the ecosystem and not the exchanges.
When I reach my goal of Electroneum ,I will look towards other projects to survive on whilst my ETN matures in cold storage.
Great realities @ColinSTE
@wTz1 and of course the magical “hey” @PrestoCrypto


My number is a magical

£1.32 if it gets to that I’m finally debt free !!! And that will most likely be one of the best days of my life…

The other half of what I have will just sit , as you’ve all said I’d be gutted to lose out on big numbers so hopefully I’ll be able to buy things with etn then , like holidays , land etc. So that’s the way I’d go…

Saying that if I woke up on January the 1st and we’re at 99.99 after I’d changed my undies I’d most likely panic sell the lot and just sit there laughing and crying.

Also seen as my 3 year old washing machine has decided to keep tripping the electric I’d splash out on a posh one hahahaha … Fixed it woo hoo , pulled the bugger out and guess what . The spin cycle vibrations must of been slowly pulling the plug out the socket . So it was getting contact and as soon as it starts to spin knocks it off. Pushed plug back in stuck some tape over it to hold it in place sorted… love it


I think selling all when it reaches a certain number could be a big mistake hence why I don’t have a magic number. I would always hold some back but mainly I would be looking at how mature the market is in general and how much more room at the time I think there is for ETN to grow. Of course you can always be greedy sometimes it’s good to take what you need and walk away, but I think I would hold some back incase it went higher.


I’ve been selling the whole year. USD to ETN. Why would you sell back to USD???

That’s like asking “when will you sell your lambo for a station wagon with a broken transmission?”


Youre a regular “Bush Mechanic”.
If you havent seen the "Bush Mechanics " you seriously should.
Some of the repairs these dudes pull off with next to nothing available would astound anyone.
Warning: Be prepared to laugh hard!!


I’ll look that up , I have made many items work via " bush mechanics lol " the wife calls me mr.bodgit hahahaha


If its playing with electricals se be calling you “Ol Smokey” soon enough!


I need it to reach 10$ or higher to get out of tenant house/poverty. To buy a car and to afford travelling inside and outside the country. So I hope it be mass adopted to hit my fantasy target soon.
(By the way I’m doing some mental excercises and feel calm and alive now)


**The Bush Mechanics



Hahahaha ol’ smokey died testing the power was on with his tongue " he instantly realised the socket was a bit more powerful than a 9v battery "hahhahaha


Keep in mind when we reach our numbers if you dump all at once the price will crash you will need to sell in increments as to not to upset the market.


I worry avout that. Lol