Whats with the price


Very well stated. In my opinion, I don’t think anyone was looking for us to skyrocket or at least I wasn’t. The thing I don’t like is how undervalued this project is. I think that’s what frustrates some on here. Even from an unbiased view ETN is undervalued. What ETN has already done in its very short life is more than some of the top 10 coins. That’s the frustrating part for some investors.

I could be wrong but I don’t think people were expecting a 10 cent increase. But in my opinion we are a top 20 to 25 coin. Show me what DOGE has to offer over ETN other than being around a lot longer…

I digress. I am not upset as I know what I got into with ETN and am heavily invested. It would just be nice for ETN to get the recognition it deserves. All in good time I guess…


Haven’t had to post this since fight the dump, but

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I totally agree that we are undervalued. I think in regards to what doge has that we don’t is strong support from the overall cryptospace. People in crypto don’t like Electroneum, it’s sad but true. At the moment it’s mostly crypto people in crypto, a small, insular group that have failed to take the steps required to pull in the 99%.

What we look at today in the rankings is in my opinion the views of this small group of people. As we move forward, and bring in millions of new people to crypto we will see that reflected in electroneums rank. I don’t think people in crypto who have put these coins where they are will help to place etn where it truly belongs. That’s what mass adoption should do.



The Electroneum team will at some point need to create a revenue stream to stay in business, even if they are still loaded with ICO money. To create that revenue stream they need a product that produce money flow. How the business side of the ETN team works i can’t tell because i do not know exactly the numbers or how that specific tec works, but i do know there is possibilities in fees. So with 3M users using a average of 10$ a day and create a revenue stream of 1 cent a day is a 1000$ in earnings a day, in my mind that is a bit to small for the ETN team.

Now that we got the M1 phone they can create another revenue stream in sales. So if they earn 3$ for every phone and sell 500 phones every day, they got 1500$ a day, now ETN is earning 2500$ a day and 75 000$ a month, it is still to little.

So howe big must ETN be before it starts to be a company with good revenue stream and some real profit for the team?

I will pick a number … they need 50 employees? and a profit of 300 000$ to pay the salary and 150 000$ to pay fore other expenses like pc, nett and so on. They have stated that they use 250 000$ only on Amazon servers. So the absolute minimum profit a month is 700 000$. So where we stand to day they can maximum get a 75 000$ a month, and that is a 10X lower than needed for running ETN as a minimum. ETN is at best running at a loss of 625 000$ a month.

So how much is a minimum growth for ETN?

If we start with the M1 and factor it for 2/3 of the income it is 466 666$ a month or 155 555 sold phones at 3$ a month. That is 5185 sold phones every day and 5185 new users.

We also need users that can pay transaction fee, that is 23.3 M users that is using a average of 10$ and pay 0.01 a day in fees. And that will give us a revenue stream of 233 000 a month.


To keep it simple i say our price to day is 0.005$ and we have cirkulation supply of ETN, and we are 3M users. Then we got a average of 3033 ETN for every user. When we comes to 23.3M users the average is 390,5 ETN for every user. That will give us a average minimum price on 0.039$.

A ETN price of 0.039 is not a yahoo price but for me it is still a good investment if it is realised during the next 2 years, so i am ok about that and got a 3x on my investment.

So how to time frame this? For every 10M new users a year we need 27 400 new user a day and then it teaks 2 years to reach the minimum targets, so we are talking 2020-2021 before we reach it if we can change the daily user numbers.

I can not imagine that what i wrote above is the plan for the ETN team, i believe they have a much more aggressive approach to earning money. So let us do a little more aggressive approach.

80% of all ETN is in the hands of the 1% early crypto investors that wants BIG proffit! and let us say we are 1M Hodlers. Then the price in 2 years can be… 81 ETN in average for the rest of the users. That give us a minimum price of 0.40$ and that is a 80X compare to day (0.005$). This will give me a big smile :slight_smile:

0.40$ is like the wurst bull perspective i can get and that is a 80X the investment if the ETN team deliver the worst acceptable results in 2 years in my opinion when i us the numbers by guessing a real world price for running the ETN team and user numbers i think we should expect them to deliver, and if the market is still bear.

When the market turns to bull there is no max limit of the price, 10 or 100$ can happen we do not know because we have to short history. We was around 0.20$ at the last top with nothing to show for only ideas, now we have a working product and a phone. Deals with companies are stacking up and if the ETN team can deliver we can enter a bull market with 100M users.


Electroneum’s price is different from a normal stock - it doesn’t just go up and down with news that comes out. It will need the adoption that the team is working on for the value to increase - this will happen over time (and I doubt it will be some massive 2 day event).
Once the community grows then the number of coins available decreases as more people have them. That’s when we will start to see real increases.
I’ve got ETN down on a 5 year plan.


To be honest, I expected this. With the market dropping so much in recent months some people just wanted to try and make back some money they lost. I see no reason why it won’t rise nicely again. Just time and patience required folks!


What small city is it?


I mean one city (no small city - sorry). Richard did not mention what city… just told “Starting small in a single city and then spreading our marketing and knowledge to a second and third city over 3 months”.


After my first Crypto purchase, I forgot about it for a year. Something like an enforced HODL.

Had I been watching the price during that year I most likely would have sold and missed out on the incredibly fulfilling experience that is trading and speculating in the Crypto market. :thinking: