Whats with the price


whats with the price of ETN…it has in fact gone backwoods… not sky rocketed…I have seen a bigger price rise when kyc/aml came out…and we just launched a brand new ELECTRONEUM PHONE…I cant believe my eyes looking at the charts…down down…this is a joke…tell me what you think


Yeah its shocking really. The instant payment system release brought things to life but these fantastic announcements didn’t do anything - hard to believe really… looks like its going to take longer…It’s been mentioned before that there are just too many coins coming in from mining. It keeps the price down for now.


Yeah. Im nearly out of etn, sad


as an early investor it sucks we aren’t making more progress in the price. I wish we were a DPoS coin not a proof of work coin…The project is sound regardless but the mining is killing it now and it will take a while for that to change.


I think that we as community members are full of ETN- we don’t buy it anymore unless really big dip.
Every day new mined coins are flooding the market and putting pressure to selling side.
We must get new investors or people who will buy ETN to use it and increase demand. I think situation will be even worse when Cryptopia opens trading again. Lot of ETN supple is locked in their sell wall.


Electroneum is a long term commitment? Ask yourself, where at what bank can you have quick return on your investment? ETN was never a coin to a get rich quick scene? I think this forum is for people that believe in the ETN ecosystem, that will deliver! So, please be more supportive? There is no crypto company in this market that work as hard as this team, so please people?


It is a matter of 90% loss for many holders.
No bank gives us this loss.


It also depends when you deliver this news. Now we are still in bear market and news don’t have impact to price, because is hard to convince people to buy ETN. (those already in crypto)
There are just few day traders that bought the rumour and sell the news. And that is what er saw after announcement.
Real word must recognise ETN as valuable and then we will see price rise.


nobody said we were looking for a quick return on our investment - the comment was to express disappointment that despite incredible progress the price is still not moving. This is mainly due to miners dumping coins. In the long run I do believe it will be successful but it needs the price to get moving to attract more investors and the problem is the mining flooding the exchanges.


Just started investing in ETN. I believe it will need at least 1,5 - 2 more years to gain some publicity. Then i hope we will see some serious profit.


Vtxracer Welcome, and yes, you are at the right place, the returns will come. The ETN team are awesome, they will succeed and ETN will deliver :slight_smile:


See 5.5 million coins on sale on Kucoin at c190 sats. Miners, Cryptopia coins, other? Still decent support in the 180s range on market depth.


Cool im just waitin for it to drop a little more .
I’ll take a couple of million.
Got enough people letting a good coin go cheap.
Any other takers?


I might soon teak a coin or to from the exchanges but nothing big, think we can get a small surprise in price to day or to morrow. As i can see it we want have much new price data before friday if monday was day 0. So keep calm and the price will develop but it needs time, 99% of the world population do not have a buy button we can push, they need to think, ask the wifi, get paid and so on. companies will see the development and so on… I wish we could see Artist tuba on Coin Market cap


I think we need to wake up from the dream of illusion.


Electroneum is seeking to capture a consumer market. When these efforts reach an advanced stage I would expect to see corresponding price increase, but the MWC announcements are only the initial steps to achieving their goal.

What we’re all waiting for will be the cumulative effect of multiple strategies, involving product development, marketing and strategic alliances.

The assumption that any single event alone is going to be the “king hit” that makes you rich, followed by frustration when it doesn’t is a gamblers approach, not an investors.




Do what i have done and do Yourselves a favour … stop watching the price . No point thats why i have stopped looking to focus on the future because we are still young .

What i do is Tweet Facebook Instagram etc etc spread the word and help get us in the media camp.
Help make us viral. 2 nights ago i sent out over 20 tweets in one hour. I make gifs , images etc. All for free.

Why because i believe in etn and its future . Sit back join in and enjoy the ride.



In my opinion the price of ETN will go up when people start to use a coin… it not be very soon but first step is done in South Africa (now only small city) but in 3 months time they want this in all South Africa… we need to be patient


I ICOed also but the price can only come when the use case is there when these ETN phones are rolled out and used give it a month and every phone will have $3 I don’t know how many they have shipped but that’s a lot to put into new users hands, not the 1% into crypto! It’s going to tip the scales :balance_scale: with mass adoption and in my opinion we need to wait until April to see a change in price to allow the ETN to be mined and circulated into these new hands.


I basically agree with what most folk here are saying. It’s a long term project. Look at bitcoin for example, it took many many years for bitcoin to gain value. For some people it will have seemed “fast” but trust me I was around in that time in 2012 and it’s now 2019. That’s a long time, but with bitcoin at 0.23c when I discovered it and where it is now, it’s taken a lot of time.

I wouldn’t expect the price to explode any time soon. You can see that the recent rise in price is probably due to Two things. One being bitcoin rising in value and the other being people rushing in to buy before the announcement. It’s happened since day one of ELectroneum, the mobile miner is coming out, the price will skyrocket, the mobile miner came out, the price didn’t skyrocket, people cried, shouted scam, and all the usual terms that go along those lines.

Okay, we have a smartphone, but why would anyone think that just launching a smartphone or announcing a small trial of top ups is suddenly going to make huge numbers of people buy Electroneum? I could launch a smartphone next month, and get a small selection of shops in my city to accept payment for top ups, I doubt you guys would be queuing up to buy shares in my company. As others have said, we need to see the benefits of Electroneum, benefits of etn top ups, benefits of a smartphone that pays for itself.

People will only start to buy Electroneum when it is useful and has started to provide actual solid proof of success. Then when they have this proof, they will be willing to put their hard earned cash into the project. All of us investors here, we’re literally the first in. That’s us taking a gamble on what we think may be possible further down the line. There is no illusion being sold, everything is based on facts. It’s perhaps one of a select few where an illusion isn’t being sold.

We can’t blame anyone else for our investments. We chose to make them, no one forced us. If it were a case of the team not working hard and achieving their goals it would be a different story. I don’t think anyone could argue against the fact that the Electroneum team work tirelessly to achieve the goals of the project with an absolute passion.

In my opinion, we’ve got a possible 3-5 year wait to really reach the heights that most people are looking for. Just keep collecting it in the meantime, because there’s not much else to do otherwise and you may just be very surprised at how things turn out at the end of that period and you’ll be glad you didn’t become disheartened.

Also keep in mind for people who want peace of mind, bitcoin halving is next year 2020. This should create the start of a bull market in the run up to the halving which possibly will pull the whole market up with it, the same as it pulled it down. Along side Electroneum going live with many features and deals it should be somewhat of a positive time for the price.

Of course this is just all my opinion, I may be completely wrong and everyone is entitled to their own!