Whats happend on oex? volume is zero


do you have any idea whats wrong on this exchange? etn has zero volume maybe they have problem also several coins have the same situation as etn.


They were caught lying about the volume traded on their exchange, so they were excluded from the market cap statistics.
But from what I see, you can still trade ETN there.


omg its ridiculous, thata only happend with etn or also on the other courrencies too


You can see below, a few other coins on OEX have the same issue.
And the other 5 above have a very low volume, so that should turn to 0 as well in a few days probably.
EOS only $123? Ridiculous! And you see the price? Only half a dollar, when it actually is over 5 dollars.
That’s why we don’t need exchanges!


without exchanges coin cant be successful but we dont need such as exchange like oex


Ok, the Liquid exchange is kinda accepted.
As they already have a partnership with ETN and they are working together to implement buying from the ETN app, which will be AWESOME!


They had the same problem, Id like to say a 4/5 days ago posting figures that just weren’t there. At some point this week they were down as second above cryptopia and a few mins later they were 100k below again. Its not a legit place to be.