Whats a good amount of etn to have?


Anybody with 50k will see serious returns in a couple of years, could be a lot sooner but without doubt electroneum is going to take off at some point and skyrocket :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Need,greed,speed,freed. It’s all up to ETN to roll out the business and people to except it. the sooner that happens while your leadng the pack the sooner you will reach your goals. You may think, " Oh how much can I afford right now" and stall. Then the value goes up from .05 to 5 cents and your buy decision is a choice based on fomo. I was lucky I got in at ico and hodled, when it came down again to half a cent’ bang I smashed that buy button. Think smart, be brave, fill your bag and save.


I have some other cryptos to trade but I have to wait on those. Im still gonna shoot for 100k Thanks for your response.


I suppose a better question is “how many lambo you need?”


The average person needs 2.3 lambos.:yum:


I’d better buy another .1 lambos then!


I’m aiming for 1 million ETNs


Just a house for my kid and wife and some spending money no lambos


Not even Ferrari ? Come on :grin:

I’m joking, but I tell you this I will be retired person if ETN hits 1$, I hate my job so I have enough ETN to work for nobody if time comes :sunglasses:

I have been mining this coin nearly form beginning and that was not a mobile phone :+1:


More then your wife so she gives you the massage and not the other way around. I try to have at least 5 more ETN than her at all times… bwahahahahaha


I am sitting on just under 500000 that should be enough to do something with!


Everthing depends if etn wil reach mas adoption.If etn reaches real mas adoption the users must be at least 200 million.If we get to 500 million that would be really big,at that level etn price wil be much higher than you think.More than 50 procent of al etn is locked up in paper wallets and wil be used only in small proportion.With 200 million users you only have 100 coins per person.That number of users means you have an real etn economy what means you need average 10000 to 20000 dollar per person in the economy(some wil have only 500 dollar worth others millions.This means in a real adopted etn economy etn wil be worth 100 to 200 dollar per coin.If you see this at lowest (100 dollar) You need 10k etn to be a dollar millionair.If you think about inflation you wil need 2 to 3 million dollar in the future (next 10 -15 years).So i can conclude you need 20 k to 30 k etn to be wealthy in the future just by holding electroneum.But as i have said al depends on the succes of etn.I strongly believe that our community is very strong and has the future of etn in there own hands.If we want electroneum to be a succes every one in the community is very important ans should promote etn to his friends every day.Remember that only mas adoption wil bring etn to high prices.Every etn should start promoting today and tomorrow and give with Christmas al his friends a Christmas card(or new year) with a paper wallet in( give to as many friends as you can!),put only 5etn in the paper wallet if you only can mis this but the more cards you give the more you promote etn.We only wil get rich with our coin if we reach mas adoption !


My thinking exactly, well put. I’m planning on only giving to my open minded friends otherwise you know that one day when ETN is worth a lot they will be regretting losing their paper wallet which is what will happen. It’s so hard to get people to understand, first thing that I usually get said to me is…what, Bitcoin…isn’t that Dodgy. It’s so frustrating, I welcome the mass adoption as I’m getting bored of trying to make people understand that this is not only a viable currency but the future. Sh!t when I point out about KYC and AML peoples eyes just glaze over. Too much information for them.


If people say why not bitcoin? I anwer that btc wil always stay around as the gold in your vault.But btc is to slow to be the money for daily use and etn has a lot that to be the currency.Easy to use,very important in 20 languages,looks like euro or dollar,great team,very strong community,best team for marketing,the world is more and more doing things on phones,dozens of reasons why btc is the donosaur and etn is evolving every day,they missed bitcoin but are now on time for the currency of the future.


I want to have too 1 000 000 coins to be a WHALE



Give them paper wallets, but save one PDF copy for yourself. You know how to handle them. If they lost it you can send them copy :grinning:


I think anything less than 1 zillion coins is irresponsible to you and your families.

I mean, what will your future grandkids say?


Hard to tell what is the magic number but if etn achieve partial adoption( 20-50 mil real active users) then the price will be @5-35 usd just because big investors will come also and raise the price. You should buy etn with @5 usd in mind. IMO