Whats a good amount of etn to have?


I have a alright amount was trying to shoot to 100k but I got a little over a half that now. I bought at multiple prices but I’m glad I bought at .006. I’m just kinda curious what you guys think a good stopping point is?


Maybe just treat your crypto as another savings. I bought a decent amount myself and am kinda just sitting and watching right now in case it does decide to make another low from BTC’s movement. If not, then it shoots up and I don’t quite make as much than if I had just bought now, but if it makes another steep drop somehow if BTC gets forced under support in the very near future, could buy a whole lot more at those prices than now.

Also, I make sure I have enough money for my next 6 months of car insurance and stuff before I spend anything extra. I don’t make much and am still searching for another job, so I don’t spend so much either. Hoping when this is all over and we could actually transact with new currencies I could open a trading card shop in my area and run MtG tournaments n stuff. There’s currently nothing to do in my area. Everyone else is stuck on their online gaming lately and even that’s getting dull to me. XD


I sold my roadster over the summer and scooped up two million ETN at .005.


I sold my toaster over the autumn and scooped up 5k ETN. :)))


I hope i got some one to buy my boat soon and i will buy a few millions with ETN. keep the fiat you need for life and invest the rest in ETN. I believe i 100X for every $ i put inn.


the minimum amount of ETN you need = (your debt you want to pay off in 3 monts / ETN price in 3 month).
e.g. your debt is 10k$ and you think/ hope the ETN price will be 2$ in 3 months. you need 5k ETN. Plus ETNs for paying taxes when you convert ETN to $.
If your price guess is $1 then you need 10kETN + ETN for taxes.

If you don’t have any debt then any amount of ETN is good:)


OK… I’ve bought only 30$. I’m poor… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The only debt I got so far is student loans, and I aim to keep it that way. Thankfully our student loan interest in Sweden is like 0.5% so there’s no way I will stress to pay it of when I can make better returns in crypto.


The most you can, without sell your car, your house, your clothes, your wife and your soul. I think an amount of 500$ in many months is a good sum. I’m buying 10$ a week, until i reach 500$.


Always more!
All kidding aside, remember, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


I was always told never invest more than you are willing to lose :slight_smile:


i guess a few $ if u wanna be a millionaire. but u have to hold yourself for a few years.


Thank you guys for all your input! :call_me_hand:


over a million coins is a safe heaven for the future


Oh mah jeezus @~@! I graduated this year with a computer networking degree… Still working as a janitor and have my application everywhere. Wish I weren’t so poor. XD Putting in as much extra money I can spend and haven’t even reached 100k ETN yet.


100k will make a big difference if ETN gets to $1 in next 15 months. My first target is 30cents, then $7.56, based on user numbers.


The right amount of ETN is more then your nearest neighbor


lmao thats the best comment yet lol


Thats the plan! hope most of us do!


Any amount will do invest what you can invest i been investing since ICO into ETN but i think 100k is definitely a nice point already even that could already be a lot in the future @MakoCoulter :thinking: