What you Think if ETN list on CoinBase?


There are great chances ETN soon to list on coinbase, will it really make ETN a huge surge in pirce … I think Yes…


We would certainly see a large increase in value in conjunction with everything in the immediate pipeline for Electroneum.
I don’t see how We wouldn’t find Ourselves right in the top 15 based on the news alone.
What a marvelous event tbat would be :blush:


It would be Sweet, direct fiat to ETN no playing around with dodgy exchanges


Hope soon… Coinbase is better for transactions and don’t must pay transactions fee twice


Um what gives you that idea?


With KYC there is no reason why ETN cant be bought with Fiat.


I think when the first mobile operator will accept etn and the first non-crypto customers arrive we will have a big surge in price. Coinbase is good but real customers are way-way better.