What would you like to see added to the electroneum app to make people interact with it more frequently and generally increase interest in downloading and referring the app to others?


I will start off with a few ideas of mine
I like to see contact lists to easily add and send to other Etn users
List of vendors that accept Etn and a direct link to their website
Maybe the option to share the app through text and WhatsApp with a link that offers a bonus for signing up ?
Please let me know your ideas I’m interested to hear what everyone thinks could improve the already great electroneum app :+1:


Fiat pairing within the app, if i want to buy or sell i could do it right then . Zero exchanges …

Just sign up my bank card and done

Also fingerprint security …


A mobile version of these forums


A function to hide ETN balance.
I dont want to show the app to others when they can see how much ETN i have.


price graph with 20 squirrels


I have to agree with you there my #1 would be fiat to Electroneum within the app.

I would find this personally most useful. I also think this would draw in many users because of simplicity. If you can get Electroneum without having to go anywhere else I find this ideal for it being mass adopted quicker.


I would also like to see this and have mentioned it before. The response I recieved from the community @lkelemen is that if they start adding to much to the app it is not as battery efficient anymore which is a main goal of mobile miner app.

With that said they could create a link within app.
My thought with this is that they could add a price graph within the website with a link on the app. That way those who want to use it can and it does not affect those who do not want to use.


they could create a widget too for the price chart. I use now a widget on my home screen but it shows slightly different price as it probably uses other exchanges to show the price. My wish would be that it showed the price of etn in euro for 3 exchanges, bitladon, liquid, kucoin


What app widget do you use? I use crypto rocket


I was thinking this morning about prepaid cards, like a Steam or prepaid Visa. These could be distributed in our target countries, at corner stores and gas stations. You scratch the code, and add it to your balance on the mobile miner app at current market value, or just use it to send money directly to your mobile provider or a friend or merchant. Or you could buy a code from a website using Paypal or Apple pay perhaps. Or just fiat//CC/Debit. The prepaid card/code service fee could be a revenue stream for the ETN team as well. I am sure there are holes in my theory, but someone smarter than me could come up with some good solutions i think. They would also make great gift cards for promoting the project. What better way to get people involved than to give them a little bit, as we see with the Mobile Miner\airdrop strategy.


First they need to add allow us to save addresses
Then they should probably create a way to customize your adress?
I feel like it shouldn’t be to hard to make your ETN Account User Name be tied to your address and allow people to pay to change their user name to one that is still available…

That way instead of needing an adress we can just send to the user name.

Then I want to be able to store other money in my E wallet- if ETN can be become a pay pal and venmo competitor or allow ETN to be stored in a wallet that is an all in one wallet, it’ll be much more ideal…

ETN can also make a bonus advertising scheme so people can trade viewership and time for ETN…

There’s a lot you can do I suppose.

I wouldn’t mind change because of it.

Creating your own exchange function of trading fiat to ETN would be great, even if it had a high fee for convenience.


I use CryptoCharts Widget Bitcoin & Altcoin Ticker (Beta) made by coconutdev. It is free, no ads, has an extended and a compact widget


chat within the app.


Everyone praised the “use balance” feature in the app and it’s good but I have multiple paper wallets so I have to open a calculator app and add up all my paper wallets in order to figure out how much my ETN is valued in fiat. IMO it would be easy to add an “add paper wallet 1” and then “add paper wallet 2” but that is just me and my opinion. I think that does not cause extra battery drain or complicate things too much.

It’s up to them how weighty and complicated they want the app to be, we have to keep that in mind. There is a balance and it is up to them if they want to add features or not.
We can’t just add more and more features to the app making it an un-killable battery drainer, there has to be a balance and keep in mind the primary focus about this is to bring a bank account to people who have no other option.
What I want/need in the app may not be the same as what someone wants/needs in a developing country and that is fine by me. If I have to open 3 or 4 apps to figure out something or do what I need because they catered the app to developing countries that is fine by me.
The purpose of this whole thing is financial inclusion for the unbanked as a human right just like Msystem said.


I will have to check that widget out. The one im using seems to be pretty accurate when it comes to etn price @lkelemen