What would you buy when Electroneum (ETN) reaches one dollar?




I’d buy nothing and wait, although I would check my balance every day and smile!


The answer is easy! More ETN.


I think I’d be splitting my investment between a couple more wallets, on the safe side.
Then Id say when MKid?


I’ll be upgrading my Lexus IS250 to a top of the range Lexus RC-F


I will buy The dip :grin:


Ask me this question when we hit $100! :wink:


Nothing. $1 is kiddie money. We will go much higher.


At 1$ I would buy popcorn to laugh at those of you selling yourself short selling at 1$(no offense). I’m glad for those that it will change your life. But common, Electroneum is worth way more than that!


do you think its possible? or you are just joking


When we hit $1 a bottle of Krug Mesnil and a tin of beluga


If etn reaches 1 dolaa i will buy more etn couse will sure reach 10 in 6-12 months


Lol I will wait until $1000


Yes we will hit $100 per coin but my guess would be 2025 to 2030 time frame. Many many years after the 99.9% of you guys sell out when we hit $1! :joy:


Would that be whale or caviar sir.?


Haha. Caviar for now. At $10 will BE the whale.


we cant predict anything after especially after so many years