What will it take to give the price of ETN the boost we've all been waiting for?

It seems to have stagnated and is slowly losing value. Are there any big announcements due? I don’t mean pump and dumps, I mean real genuine reasons to give it more value, what have the team got planned to help it happen?

Kindly watch the interview with Richard

Actually, there weren’t any specific big news announced.

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By all indications, they need to focus on process improvement. The process for KYC is far too articulated and needs to be refined to a limited number of steps that are achievable in a short timeframe, which they can then advertise as such.

They need to make “Quality Assurance Principles” a priority. For those who are unfamiliar with “Quality Assurance” ,it’s the practice of designing processes that result in consistent outcomes and there’s an actual certification for this. @ETNCEO