What will happen for mobile number portability



In my country of living, in case a mobile number remains dead (not recharged for good amount of time) it will be marked as free and can be assigned to a new user.
Just wanted to know, how that new user would be able to use his mobile number to register as a new user with ETN if the number is already registered in our system by its previous user.


I would have thought the mining is tied to your Electroneum login & account rather than a mobile number


But to signup and create an ETN account you need a valid mobile number and that too should not be already registered.


Mobile numbers must be unqiue.

They wouldn’t be able to register with that number.


But the person registered the mobile number is no longer owns that number. I think we need to have some mechanism to handle this.


That’s a difficult one Nerraj…

For the support team to make changes to accounts they have to be 100% sure that its legitimate and isn’t someone trying to take advantage of a situation…i.e. stolen phones etc.

I’m sure there will be options if that situation ever happens…


Yes, that is why i said there should be certain mechanism. If we are seeding kyc data directly from telecom operators then there is no pro6 otherwise it is always difficult for support team.


Yes, that’s a difficult one, but non technical people do loose access to their mobile number and email id.
Also, is there any use of mobile number?
At present I don’t see any use of mobile number.It is only registered in Electroneum account.
We can’t login with a Mobile number.


I believe the user which first had the number to start with, will change his/her number to his/her new number in their accounts and by doing so will release their previous number from the system, allowing the new user to still use that “old” number which were assigned to them maybe?

Just speculating, not saying that will be the case.


Not so sure. Better to have answer from some official.