What Value will ETN achieve?


So what do you think ETN is capable of in terms of value per ETN? Reply with your predictions as I think it’s very interesting as everyone has a different opinion. :grinning:


ETN easily be worth $1 per ETN… but should go higher in the future! :smile:



$1-$10 in shorter time


hard to predict, but im guessing close to $1 by end of year


I believe the first milestone to be around £1 but take a bit of time. Then I thinking it will climb up to £10 within a good market year after the slow climb to £1 the increase to £10 won’t take long.


As much as I would like a dollar plus. It would be interesting if it could replace the penny as currency. The penny costs more to make than its worth. Or just replace pocket change in general as it is annoying to store and spend.


@Griff To be realistic 25cents-50cents is a moonshot, we need this first :joy::rocket:


I definitely think a dollar is achievable, just not this year. I’m a little more pessimistic on the price for this year but I would love to be wrong. We need time to get the unbanked on board and using ETN everyday.


I will HOLD my ETN`s from ICO, mining and Mobile mining until $100, no matter how long will be!


I can’t really imagine it getting over 25-35 cents by the end of this year, but I definitely believe that it has the potential to get up to a dollar over the next year, especially if some of the next wave of ether-based projects are successful and fuel new intrigue for crypto in general!


Realistic number is maybe is 1.5 to 2.0 cents by the end of the year which would give us 3x to 4x gains from our .005 low price. If everything goes right for ETN we could be .10cents this time next year and around $1 around 2021-2022. This will all depend on how long the bear market lasts which could be 18-24 months long or longer.


If we hit $500 per coin that would make me richer than Bill Gates! Can’t wait!


In the near future upto £5 once etn onboard every person who has signed up 2m… when the payment app is out …plus advertisements are done then we will see what etn will do


It’s really hard to predict anything accurately due to the plethora of variables in this equation.

My conservative prediction for EOY 2018 is $0.5, but that requires Electroneum to roll out instant payment, becoming regulated, being accepted by the corporate world and grow to 5M+ active users in just 4 months.

If the major western mobile network operators that are expanding in developing countries decides to embrace ETN, we will most likely see $1 in the first half of 2019.

If there are large investors that has been accumulating massive amounts of ETN during the last 8 months and preparing to hold long-term, then we might see a spike(rocket) to $5+ before it corrects itself.

ETN will need a lot of active users or new investors to sustain a $1+ coin value when there are 7M+ coins being minted every 24h, but 2-3 years down the line with 1/4th of the current daily emission, 20-50M active users and widely accepted as payment in both emerging markets and established markets we could easily see $10 or more.

The most positive aspect about this project is that everyone benefits from it, Electroneum itself, investors, partners, users and the world in general.

If the world rejects this initiative, then I see no bright future for any of us, not just because they would reject Electroneum, but because they would be rejecting a vision of stability.

And stability is something we need more than ever in the coming decades.


Can we see the calculations, for the $500 prediction, based on user numbers, supply and market cap?

It’s no good saying the price will be so and so just because it’s what we might like.


One dollar.

Maybe two to three dollars if BTC goes back over $20k and alts follow.

Sorry you aren’t going to be millionaire unless you are major HODLer.


100 bucks ath. which would make sense with the two decimal place. 0.01 ETN would equal 1 USD and so forth.


I believe it is IRRELEVANT at this time and this moment.


.50 cents within the next 2 to 3 months as I’m expecting the market to be bullish around those months, eventually by releasing some of the upcoming partnership and projects would catapult the price to 1.25 in the next year or so.