What to do before replacing current Android smart phone

Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do before I upgrade my current Samsung Galaxy with a newer version? Do I need to delete my current Electroneum app, disable 2 factor authentication for all exchanges and then enable and start over? Just want to make sure I do not lock myself out of anything and lose access to my crypto, especially my ETN. Thanks in advance.

Just do smart switch if your going Samsung to Samsung saves a tonne of hassle done it many times . If you can’t remember passwords change them before you begin.
As for etn nothing g will change as the app is just an extension of your online wallet , as for 2fa it should go across via smart switch.

I used to use apps to SD but smart switch is easiest

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Put it on the old device and the new one should already have it installed.

Start both apps up follow on screen Instructions and you will be sweet…

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!

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No worries at all, good luck with the new Samsung…

I’m waiting for the 10 if it’s any good that is hahahaha

Be smart. Do not rely on the phone or the app to auto do anything for you. you can go to each exchange and get the 2FA code for your accounts. They usually will have instructions for this on the exchange. As for the ETN move it to a paper wallet. Be smart and make sure you can access your coins without a phone so that when you do switch over even if it all works out fine you will have learned how to do this for next time. and if it doesn’t work out perfectly. You will be safe. It was supposed to work for me and didn’t. Luckily i kept my old phone long enough to switch everything over manually. Don’t take chances in crypto. Be smart.

I do believe that would be a safe bet.

Wise words from above , but I will state you cannot lose your coins from your app as they are tied to the online wallet and accessible from the app and the web . I have uninstalled the etn app many times and re-logged on with zero loss of coins.
So no need to worry.

He can online wallet p.c

As for smart switch I have done this several times.yes you may lose game saves etc. if your getting it from a mobile shop they can do this process for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself

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I have half on Cryptopia and half in my ETN wallet

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I have 0 in cryptopia, 9. in mobile/web wallet, the rest is in my CLI wallet:)

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