What then happen if paper wallet balance is zero

What is likely to happen if you import from offline wallet and now realized it has zero balance is it going to have effects on your balance in your online wallet?

Nothing bad will happen, done it a ton of times. If paper-wallet is empty, 0 etn is imported to your web wallet. No fees, no anything. Blockchain is not even involved.


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Okay thanks dear just wondering now u help

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Bro keep your coins in online wallet it’s safe

Bro u need to talk to an expert maybe @M-Kid can help he’s an experienced man

So you’re one of the traders then…it is quite nice that it didn’t work out for you. Why won’t you let ETN grow?


Lol bro that’s fine indeed

I don’t know what you are doing, only you do.
We can write any sort of bull online, as we are protected by the way the internet works.

Geesh, even @M-Kid could be a trader, even if we all think he is helping ETN.
Who knows…

And how many more coins can you get if you buy at 0.02 and sell at 0.022?
Irrelevant, only if you have millions.