What should be our next exchange ? for listing ( What'sYour Opinions)


Hello Guys,
Electroneum has been listed on so many exchanges now,

  • Cryptopia
  • Kucoin
  • Coinbene etc
  • Hitbtc listing is pending
  • next.exchange is about to list us
    What’s Your opinion which will be good exchange to list electroneum. that will add more volume to Etn. Beacuse due to bearish market it doesn’t helped us much.


For sure it has to be Coinbase… but wishful thinking


My suggestion would be Binance. Very high volume, and projects that are listed there tend to experience a definite increase in their price.

Coinbase would be the ultimate, but it’s a very far shot…


Upbit, Poloniex, Fatbtc, and maybe later Bitfinex?
Edit: Just listing ones within reasonable reach from these last ones we’re getting listed on. They do have quite a bit of others listed already, so why shouldn’t we? :stuck_out_tongue:


Binance would be the best – it’s the number #1 Crypto exchange in the world.

Coinbase would obviously bring a lot more exposure to ETN around the world (especially Aus, US & Europe) due to its ease of use, but ETN is a way too young/untested of a project for Coinbase to consider listing it at this point in time.

Huobi is a chinese exchange that would be nice to get listed on, giving china better access to ETN.

I’m not sure about Poloniex or Bittrex – they seem to have fallen by the wayside a bit.

Keep in mind that ETN is already listed on Liquid (formerly Quoine) – their new exchange has a nice layout and user interface, which should see the exchange grow in volume and user numbers. It’s a more attractive and user-friendly exchange than Binance. The Youtuber AllAboutTech recently made a good video about Liquid, and he seems very optimistic about the prospect of it blowing up to become one of the leading exchanges.

The YouTuber Matthew Gray suggested in one of his videos that the key to driving user adoption of ETN would be to have an option in the Electroneum app to purchase ETN directly with fiat currency. This makes perfect sense – giving people the ability to earn ETN with the mobile miner is a good way to motivate people to install the App, but allowing people to buy more ETN with the simple click of a button would give ETN a massive advantage over other altcoins. If ETN is simple and easy to use, and offers a more convenient way of obtaining the currency than the tedious task of sending fiat to an exchange to buy BTC/LTC/ETH and trading it for the desired altcoin, then ETN could attract a lot more users.


I think we have enough exchanges for users to easily be able to purchase ETN. Sure, the more the merrier, but right now, all that matters is getting a working product to promote and advertise. Volume will come from NEW investors, and not those already in crypto looking for a pump and dump opportunity.


Ofcourse the more exchanges the better but here’s the knocker:

If in recent future we could Buy and Sell ETN directly on the APP using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), no exchanges’ time delays and fees. That would be a great break through and blessing.

With the full ETN product out rollout, mass marketing and gigantic trading volume: the so called ‘prime’ exchanges will be PMing Mr. Ells for a chance to list Electroneum on their platforms. Right now let’s stick to our course and innovate.


Thanks for Your opinions guys.


Binance is the only exchange we will ever need :heart:
( that came out wrong, like famous last words :grin: )


Any Exchange would be good for Electroneum especialy Coinbase, Okex and Binance would be great but we all showed before on the binance twitter when they asked to vote our support for Electroneum and then still they picked a coin nobody even heard off and they were kinda being mean because we flooded their twitter in my eyes we don’t really need binance it would be great but Electroneum will already be great without that exchange also i think if Electroneum gets even bigger then it wouldn’t suprise me that binance asks Electroneum to be on their Exchange :yum:


it would be nice and easy if we can remember your username…


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