What questions would you have for Richard ells from our community


if we could ask Richard or the team one question
What would your question be

Try to ask something different something someone else hasn’t asked . You never know the team might read this and answer in another interview or even better , here in the community !!! ( What happens in the community stays in the community hahaha )

Fantastic news today , good news Friday strikes again… out of the blue . Brilliant

So what would you ask , one chance anything you like . Keeping it civil be it daft or it could be on future events .

In fact I would like to see if we could have an in house ( community ) q&a with the team I think that would be fun . Is this possible @Rachel can you ask the boss if we could have a closed community q and a…

My question would be .

Considering we are not far off from being one year old and we have achieved so much in so little time in terms of numbers , members miners etc , do you think we will ever be big enough to be in the top 5 cryptocurrency bracket.

I ask this as I believe we will be but I would like to hear what Richard thinks…

So what’s your question

Why reddit and not the official forum users for the next round of questions?

if i could, I would ask @ETNCEO… if etn has a fiat pairing on liquid exchange, does that mean that ETN is now a regulated currency in Japan?


Good idea thanks.

My question would be - “Has the ETN team thought about acquiring there own debit card or partnering with another company offering this service, this seems to be becoming more and more common with other cryptocurrencies.”

  1. Can you please lock the F2pool operators and owners accounts that are mining empty blocks and ask the exchanges to do the same? They keep mining empty blocks. Since we are in Merchant accumulation mode now how will the blockchain handle much more transactions when these guys are mining empty blocks?

  2. Since I was the second customer after you to buy a silver Electroneum coin Maisie said you bought a lot of them. Were you planning on doing anything business related with them like raffle them or give them away to big partnerships as a photo op?


I would like to ask, “What have you found the most challenging to date so far to overcome?” because I am truly curious to see what his answer would be!


Have we got a model for integration of partners yet or are we still evolving?


Are there plans to open up the ETN wallet / block chain to more API or procedure calls ?
So developers can create their own wallets, interfaces, games or apps that can utilise all of the same features
As the official app?

Such as making payments, refunds, transaction history, accounting values, exchange rates, referals?

Also: Any plans to embed the miner referal codes into a url - so downloads of the mobile miner can Auto-add the referees code ? Because that’s possible…


My question is this:

Can you guys please add a plus (+) after the €10,000 for level 3 KYC so that people stop asking the same stupid ass question on Twitter, Facebook and this Forum, no matter how many times it’s answered?

Just add the plus so that this: €10,000+, puts an end to the most repetitive, useless, annoying and over answered question, regarding KYC.


When iOS app? (20 characters)