What makes Electroneum different or special?

Electroneum is a different story entirely

ETN is the fastest growing crypto ever, with over 2 million users in just its first 7 months (this bests the rate of growth of Facebook and Twitter); ETN has an Apple IOS App approval (what other coin has that?) currently in Beta with 10,000 testers; Over 1 Million Google Play store app downloads; and a patented Vendor API for Crypto InstaPayments with over 1,000 Vendors at this moment involved in the Beta…and ETN is only just getting started. I think I mentioned ETN has not even been live for 1 year yet, and already all of this. Since the ICO concluded marketing for ETN has not yet begun; the same massive marketing which set an all time record-breaking ICO with ETN.

Here’s the deal: Electroneum is going catch this entire crypto space by storm because right now you have the 1% who are already in crypto sloshing their money around inside this space from project to project. But very soon ETN is going to start aggressively marketing and generously embracing and attracting massive chunks of the 99% not involved in crypto. Many of these folks - specifically the $3 Trillion market in the developing world of 1.7 Billion people - have never had a digital payment solution ever before. ETN is focused like a laser on providing a simple and intuitive solution for enablement of this population.

Richard Ells has said for Electroneum to even attract just 100 million of them shouldn’t be too hard. This is going to flood new money into this space and ETN will rise as it attracts these new users. ETN’s rise will be hard to ignore, and the snowball effect will become an avalanche.

Will it take time? Yes. Most great things do. Will people complain and FUD all the way with the ups and downs? Yes. A lot. But if you can see the vision and the massive actions Electroneum’s dedicated and committed team have taken and continue to take – well, it is going to be a spectacular journey.

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I hope to GOD you are right! I hope ETN does attract 100 million users and I hope the price sky rockets and becomes 2nd or 3rd to BTC. There is always hope…never give that up.

I own a good amount of ETN and I am proud of it. But, we need to see the price go up above $1.0 USD and Then to $5.00 and so on. Keep it rising. Keep marketing and advertising. People who own ETN tells your friends and family to buy it.

BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. Keep buying now is the time. Wise investors will buy ETN right now while price is low.


The best thing about ETN is that the developers along with @ETNCEO are communicating well and it’s a British company so most definitely has the best interests of us all. Keep up the good work I say :grinning:


I would like to add that they are keeping in line with all the regulations. Which can only establish Electroneum as a brand/trusted crypto.

I think they are certainly different from any other crypto and starting from the non western countries and the unbanked will be slower but more powerful and sustainable when the eco system is created and in full flow.


I guess I didnt realize ETN is less than a year old since going live after its ICO.

With that said, we all know how difficult start-ups are. Especially ICOs whoms most have already failed.

I agree ETN is different AMD so are the people behind it running it. This is good.

Typical start ups have huge failure rates during 1st year 2nd year and up to 5 years.

It’s going to take a good solid 5 year Business plan and effort before we really see what ETN is made of and price will reflect that.

We all need to support ETN during these first 5 crucial detrimental years.
These are the sink or swim years. Pass or FaiI.

I have big Hope’s in ETN and what their purpose is. 8t can work, unlike other blockchain tech that already failed.

I predict the price of the ETN Coin will reach $35 per coin by the end of 5 years. It could happen sooner. Im just saying that I have huge confidence and hope in them.


London, UK based crypto. One of a kind. They will be at the forefront of crypto regulation and will be very attractive to institutional investment especially being based in London a major world financial hub! That’s only the start too, so much more going for it. It’s amazing!! So excited for the next 12 months to see where it goes :slight_smile:


I agree, as stated 1st and foremost ETN needs to keep in line with the appropriate authorities and regulators before any marketing begins in any and all countries they wish to operate in.

What they’re doing now is great. A percentage of mining returns for commission. What they need to avoid is jumping into the MLM with the promise of 10% commission of the referrals investment or something similar as without any other return, they’ll be turning it into a ponzi scheme. (Like hundreds of other alt coin have tried and failed)

They are based in Maidstone if im not mistaken. Which isn’t far from London. It’s certainly a UK based crypto.

Yeah you are right mate, i was just generalising for the rest of the world who probably have no idea where Maistone is so just said London haha. Either way, it’s amazing and what I said I stand by :slight_smile: You from the UK too?

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Yeah and very close to Maidstone. I get what you mean lol. Its super to have a British company in the crypto game it definitely makes Electroneum special. As the FCA are allowing blockchains to be tested. Are you beta testing the product then?


Everybody know that ETN is undervalued and the question is who is in the position to make the most money from the next spike which is imminent



ETN has a project with unique objectives


Nice Post @MSystem i agree everything they want to achieve will take a long time but i honestly think it will be time well spend because if Electroneum will Reach everything they want to accomplish this can be so huge that most people that look down on ETN right now will be blown away in the end and regret that they didn’t believe in ETN sooner Electroneum’s total coin supply will look very very small if they accomplish everything they are aiming for to do i got a lot of faith in Richard, The ETN Team and our whole community to make this all happen and possible :sunglasses::+1::rocket:


That’s a very good summary - thanks for that! :+1:

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Yeah I like your summary too! For those of us that bought early the up’s and downs are part of the long haul. Invariably people will not have the ability to see the bigger picture and be to A.D.D. to stay in it for any real length of time. That is unfortunate, for those of us who wait, we will smile even more when the numbers start climbing north. Does it really matter if it takes a while for that to happen? Not for me it doesn’t, I am more than happy to wait and watch the team continue setting up opportunities and then banking on them! ETN for the win!


Tony Anto:
Anche se fosse solo una notifica, se può assicurare l’irreversibilitá avrebbe tutta la validazione per essere riconosciuta come un operazione completata, non per nulla è in attesa di brevetto tramite uno dei migliori studi legali al mondo. Se poi qualcuno ha sempre da ridire circa la centralizzazione, coltivando il sogno della totale decentralizzazione, iniziate allora con lo screditare gli exchange e il loro metodo di scambio istantaneo. KYC ha aperto la strada per l’adozione di massa. Dite quello che volete, ma le grandi aziende per iniziare ad accettare le cripto hanno necessità di questa forma di sicurezza che voi demonizzate come centralizzazione. Che sia come sia, ma Richard è stato sempre chiaro dell’interazione tra natura decentralizzata e centralizzata nell’ecosistema di etn. In un mondo dove domina da millenni la centralizzazione, l’unico compromesso per muoversi verso la decentralizzazione è un sistema di mezzo (ibrido). Se questo piace alle grosse aziende come Xius, Mobile Streams e a tutte le altre conosciute e sconosciute, allora piace anche a me.🤷‍♂:rocket::zap:️:full_moon:

Tony Anto:
the instant payment, even if it was just a notification, as someone for negative criticism asserts, if it can still ensure irreversibility would have all the validation to be recognized as a completed operation, not for nothing is patent pending through one of the best studies lawyers in the world. If then someone has always to say about centralization, cultivating the dream of total decentralization, then start by discrediting the exchange and their method of instantaneous exchange. KYC has paved the way for mass adoption. Say what you want, but the big companies to start accepting the crypts need this form of security that you demonize as centralization. Be that as it may, but Richard has always been clear about the interaction between decentralized and centralized nature in the ethn ecosystem. In a world where centralization has dominated for millennia, the only compromise to move towards decentralization is a (hybrid) medium. If you like big companies like Xius, Mobile Streams and all the other known and unknown, then I like it too. "

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That’s the reason we’re all here

Belief in this system

Great read , fingers crossed for everyone involved…

Rise like the phoenix