What is Your Favourite Electroneum YOUTUBE Channel?

CryptoNWO commonly lies to his audience when advertising his ETN mining referral code - which he does all the time.

He regularly states using his code will “give a much higher mining rate” (his actual words on multiple occasions), which is just not true.

All mining referrals are 5% extra for him (the referrer) and 1% for the user using his code.

1% does but equate to “much higher mining rate” no matter how you look at it.

CryptoNWO and other YouTubers here spread the Electroneum word which is good, but many of them are a little shady at best or are just fair weather fans.

People need to use critical thinking and not just gobble up any YouTubers content.

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I’m sorry, when did this become a complaint forum against tubers based on personal interpretation of the truth.

No, what people need to do is come to their own conclusions without relying on an unknown crusader of truth on a forum on the internet.

Now…can we get back to having a little vote fun? Please?

Thank you.


The Electroneum Brasil channel is now also on Bit.Tube. Now you can donate Tubes and watch tubes.


Thats awesome news @Nascimento.
Great to get paid for watching them.
Theres a few tube lovers on here.


Both Richard Ells and Chris Gorman have enough regard for Mick Ambrose to allow him interview time. That speaks for itself.


Video, explaining that they can ta watching the videos through the bittube and gaining tubes to exchange for electroneum.


I want to be very careful as to not turn this into a BitTube discussion. But I will disclose that both of these projects are my top two. They will both do amazing things. What ETN is doing with mobile, Tube will do with the internet by monetizing the time you spend browsing. It’s not just a video content sharing platform anymore.

If anyone wants to get the open beta extension, DM me and I’ll give you my link so you get 5 free tube for registering an account.


This vote is an unintended highlighting of these youtubers and so opinions are naturally a part of this conversation.


rob is my favourite one because he helped me when i needed his help for me first and main thing is humanity and after everything also he is very clever youtuber and at the same time has great humor


Lol, okaaay. That’s one way to look at it. My take on it is that Mike Ambrose is Amicable and he lives in the UK. Electroneum is also in the UK. I don’t believe there’s a conspirital undertone to it. Which YouTubers do you like out of curiosity?


Of the ETN YouTubers I only like MintingCoins take on things really. There is another guy who does his vids from inside a car who is kind of funny too.

Sean D is very positive but too high energy for me.


Ethereum Classic will turn a dead coin? now where to invest? Check out the channel now!

I vote for the newest one spawned from this group: @Emmanuel