What is Your Favourite Electroneum YOUTUBE Channel?


Just a bit of fun and a little insightful (they are all great but we all have favourites) :wink:

  • Fugazi
  • Electroneum Universe
  • Sean Davis
  • Truthful Rob
  • Naga Tribe
  • Electroneum101
  • AllAboutTech
  • CryptoRich
  • CryptoNWO
  • Minting Coins
  • Matthew Gray (99cents)
  • DigitSpin Crypto

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Missed out Electroneum Brazil. Feel free to vote in the comments section on that one if you wish to vote for it. Thanks

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Poor crypto NWO, not one vote for the guy who can’t wait to spend ETN as money! :sob:


Yeah I am sure he will garner some votes. But I wish I could have one of his music beats playing on this page. :slight_smile: hehe


can u add cryptocurrency 1607 please. he’s one of the best!


I would but the survey doesn’t allow me to change the list 5 minutes after posting. The list was based on youtube relevance and my knowledge from watching videos for like ages. Will take your comment as a vote for this channel.

Just checked out his channel and liked this video :slight_smile:


I like most of the channels on that list. So hopefully nobody gets offended by not being anyone’s number one.
I’d love to see a survey like this where you rank them.
Rank them 1 through however many are on the list. Add the scores. Lowest score wins.


That got me…I near choked when I heard he woke up and its 19 cents.!!
I thought I must have been asleep for a couple of days.


I vote for Electroneum Brasil…:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
The work @Nascimento has put into promoting Electroneum in his region deserves much credit.
With a minimum of equipment he is the true champion in my books
:heart: Amor Brasil :heart:
Thanks Nascimento…good work!!


Nor does he deserve any


Wow those are some kind of nasty messages.


Timing is everything, lol.



Truthfully, I wasn’t ever going to put this out until I heard this guy talking about how he has no respect for people who want to trade for fiat.


@Latroy its not aimed at you.
I just find his comments very saddening.
For a member of this community to speak like that in a position of social media influence is truly woeful behaviour.


Oh I know, I just don’t like putting negativity out there.

A lot of people really believe in this project. I invest more money in ETN than I spend on my girlfriend.


Being a solo Entity Id say thats a really good investment.
I ve been investing roughly 80% of my earnings.
That doesnt leave enough to entertain me let alone anyone else.!
Yep, Im a believer.


Better to have sunlight on the matter.


This is true.(a trillion characters!)


Funny and I think ETN fiat pairings will be the key to our success! Can you imagine what would happen if we had a master card or Visa card linked your ETN wallet? :thinking::grin: ETN to fiat heaven help us we would be able to spend ETN for everything! Lol


Yeah, BitTube is processing debit card applications supported by Master card right now. They too have an excellent ecosystem that will be successful with there soon to be released browser extention. If ETN could garner a debit card as well…yeah, that would be nice