What is most safe as a wallet Liquid or Electroneum


What is most safe as a wallet Liquid or Electroneum…


Etn wallet for me as hacker one tested and it’s etns own design so I would feel a lot safer having it there rather than leaving online on an exchange where they can vanish quicker than they appeared


Hi Chis, thank you very much.


If your really concerned put them on an offline paper wallet …

Instructions here


But you can’t add coins to the balance you have to send them back to the app then add then resend to a new paper wallet.
A bit of a pain , but more secure . I trust the app so mine are in that…



This is a tough one…as they are both EXTREMELY safe.

Cold storage is more secure than online storage thus Liquid is safer from external attacks (hackers etc). However, as ETN work closely with HackerOne i would say this margin is minimal. NOTHING online is 100% safe but the ETN wallets are certainly one of the safest platforms on the market.

The only other type of risk is internal. With Liquid being the only regulated exchange, this offers a lot of confidence over any other exchange in the world. Of course the Electroneum team have proved themselves legitimate and trustworthy over and over. They have very strict rules and procedures for accessing systems and are very transparent as a company… thus i personally have no worries over an internal issue.

Overall both are VERY good places to store coins… However, as stated above, paper wallet is the safest method for holding crypto currency. If you create and store it correctly, it is mathematically impossible to get hacked.


Hi BegaMutex, thank yu very much for your answer :o) - I will go for the paper wallet. I just got my samll amoun of ETN to be hold for the next 2-3 years…


IN my opinion, the app is perfectly safe, as long as you keep your pin to yourself. The issue i have is lets say price moons like crazy, everyone is going to be using the app to transfer their coins to exchanges and from past experience, this is where you get the error “high volume traffic, please try again later”.

Liquid exchange is the ONLY exchange that stores their wallets in a vault. None of their private keys are stored online and are ALL in cold storage. This is why it takes longer than usual to make a cash withdrawal.

I have 50% of my holdings on Liquid, and the other 50% on app for long term Hodle.