What is going on with Electroneum (ETN) “Fear kills more dreams, than failure ever will” Do not give up!

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At tip is to not sit All in. Have some investments that maybe gives a plus on the side, if its a waiting game… better for the heart and gives more Etn later.


Electroneum will not be judged by those that have attention span of a gnat! If the only consideration for investor is price then clearly Electroneum today is not for you. When making a decision on whether to invest or not it is important to look at the fundamentals of a company. What are they doing to add value, are their target audience responsive or not etc.
Electroneum surpasses all criteria needed in order for me to invest! When I see the South African and Ugandan people embracing Electroneum and generating micro economies at such an early stage using ETN what a fantastic investment for me to be involved in!!
There clearly is a herd mentality at the moment which is disappointing, the sheep following the sheep towards the abyss.
Open ur eyes and understand for an investment to mature takes time and hard work!
I for 1 would like to congratulate Electroneum for their hard work!

M System quality from you again Sir! :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


I was inspired by M’s post so I thought I’d add my own 2 ETN…

The current price is a non issue when you can see how Electroneum fits into the bigger picture.

I now spend my time researching the MNO’s providing mobile payment solutions in Africa and other developing countries to see what we’re up against and to help better understand the market.

If you want to be confident in your investment? Why not invest some time and…

Look at the other players in the market, learn about Safaricom and Mpesa and their success in Kenya. Learn about MTN in Nigeria and the Orange Pay merger for mobile payments.
Learn which global MNO own a steak in other MNO’s and MVNO’s.
Learn about the total number of mobile users in Africa, Asia and South America. Learn how many of currently use mobile payments, and the number who don’t. Learn about how it enables users to not only top-up their phone, but also pay their utilities bills, school fees, take out micro-loans, use overdraft facilities all via mobile payments.

Look at the incremental % fees of other mobile payments charge for withdrawals and transaction between, users, non users, ATM withdrawals etc and compare them to ETN and what they offer. How does the competition incentivise their users? Do they? Is it effective?

Learn about agents. Learn how and why people become agents and the requirements, criteria, costings etc. Learn how agents can employ aggregative sub agents and how the commission process works. Learn how many agents there are in target areas, understand the benefits of being an agent as a job in those areas and the standard of life it can provide. Understand why a distribution network of agents is so important to the success of Electroneum.

Understand why Electroneum is targeting smaller MVNO’s on Cell C in South Africa and conducting trials. Understand why a business needs to conduct pilot tests in order to learn and successfully scale. Understand why Electroneum are not wasting money on TV campaigns in developing countries to keep the 1% happy.

Look into the data behind the global digital skills economy and the leading companies. Look at the number of users, fees and commissions these companies take daily, monthly and annually. Understand the untapped potential of emerging markets like Africa. Look at how Africa’s digital skills economy is already growing.

Understand and appreciate there is no digital skills website like Fiverr targeted at users that have no bank account but hold crypto and can accept Electroenum from developed countries. Imagine how much of this new market share Gig.guru can take.

Look at the global remittance market. Learn how much money is sent in remittance each year. Learn about the commissions and the time it takes for payments to be received then think about what electroneum can offer with zero fees and instant payments. Think about how much of a market share they could take. Just 1% would exceed 7 billion dollars annually, around 20 millions dollars worth of electroneum being purchased daily.

Electroneum is so much more than a speculatively traded crypto, they already have a product with a clearly defined route to market. The deals they have secured and deals yet to be made will give them access to hundreds of millions of users.

Mass adoption will not happen in weeks or months and it may even take years, but users will steadily increase, the brand will grow and word will spread.

I urge those that are doubtful to take a little time to understand your investment.


I will just say, wow. Thanks!


This guy gets it…unlike others simply complaining about price compaired to other projects while showing a lack of business understanding. Well said


We should all be grateful and filled with confidence that Electroneum have such an experienced and knowledgable team of entrepreneurial, marketing and mobile industry veterans.


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Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom

Patience always pays off.


Amazing piece of work. Thanks man!!

may I contribute some Jamaican wisdom?

"you don´t know until you know, and then you know, you know?

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Oh man Chris Gorman is a BIG BiG factor at Electroneum!! Even more than i though, thanks!


i just fomo’ed! bought a piece of pie



I wish there was an option to pay for shipping, while everyone loves “free shipping” lets face it, it is not free and you have to pay for it. Perhaps an option for paid shipping, I would most definitely pay for it.



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There is so many things here “you have hit the nail on the head”.
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