What is Electroneum and how to show it


You could include things that other people say, too…like ETN youtubers…


Yes, I really like this approach a lot!

We can do something similar by reflecting the ETN ecosystem. It can help the unbank to have a better life, by been able to have some purchasing power to enjoy a drink with a friend, or take a girlfriend to a restaurant or just by been able to help others without having the greed of been rich or power. Just a better decent life.


Loved the video! We just need more :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: in there :joy:


Whatever becomes of this needs to be multi lingual.
Subtitled maybe


Great idea. Or people from different countries could volunteer to create a translated version? :nerd_face:


I had another idea last night about a Coca Cola advert that was shown on tv many years ago… they used a song by the ‘new seekers’ call ‘ld like to teach the world to sing’ have a look.
The thing is that it didn’t need words really, just got the message though the clever marketing of a catchy tune and great placement of people and product.

With a little adaptions we could encompass this idea…


Well, now you did it @B.F.A and @MSystem. I woke up with that song :musical_score: in my head this morning! lol :notes::musical_note:

It is catchy.


Listen to Electroneum Anthem by Nave Savage #np on #SoundCloud



Hahaha :joy: brilliant!


Just a Little Contribution to the Big Picture…




It’s crazy when you start seeing a bigger picture of just how much goes on in such a short amount of time.