What is Electroneum and how to show it


After a little chat in the Fight club, this thread coms to live. I am starting this one as a work thread and not for chatting of everything else then the subject so be kind and good.

We are now supposed to create a film that explain Electroneum so good that James at the watercooler want to FOMO in and join the community and buy Electroneum. We want everybody to see the film and think this is what will be the next BTC, this Google, this is Amazone, this is it…

If people can see the real ETN they will want it, and also businesses will want it.

We need to post idees, so be specific

We need music

We need a storyteller

We need YOU to tell what to do…

This is a community that wants more, and this is one opportunity to do great things…

After the chat in the fight club @MSystem posted this…

I hope someone can stand up and lead this to success and we can get a film out during the next week :slight_smile:

So community show you’re best bits…Happy Days

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Thanks for creating B.F.A
I like the idea of something simple. Basic language that everybody can understand. This coinbase video is a good example.



me liky very mutch :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Perfect example. When that video was posted, I commented on it saying they could remove the CB logos and replace with ETN. Add a few clips of @etnceo talking, cut and print it. Wonder where CB gets there stock footage from…:thinking:

“Electroneum: The Future of Finance and Money” :grin:

Unfortunately, that comment was probably lost amongst the sea of XRP whiners… I digress


We need a idea for a script, picture, music, voice and more, people start writing and come with content. And we need someone to come and do some editing…ore several so we can get a product


I made this as my first video for fun and i have never done it before so try to come up with something


Maybe say something about the fact that Bitcoin has made millionaires and billionaires, and then point out the ways in which ETN is the answer to everything that is wrong with bitcoin, or rather held bitcoin back from being mass adopted.


What inspired me to get involved with electroneum…
I was originally approached by a friend who had been looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for many many years… I suppose we are like minded in that sense!
We had been involved with many different projects within network marketing and eventually that brought us round to mining Bitcoin with many different companies. When bitcoin was at its peak things were great… the sky was the limit and we all looked forward to a life of Riley. How wrong we where, the market collapse was just part of it… the mining company’s became greedy and eventually ended our contracts in some cases. The loss was always bearable because we had enough sence to not invest too much… but if I had invested directly in ETN I would be a lot happier now. The return from mining is not all it’s cracked up to be. It takes time and is depending on the value of the coin…
Investing directly in ETN was different as the initial price was very low, I could get a lot of ETN for my money… it was explained about the projected future value and the project was explained about helping the unbanked around the world. I dipped my toe… I like what I saw! Then I was told about the FREE MINING!!!
No way… free mining… it can’t possibly work… but I’ll give it a go.
After doing more research of my own… I put more of my leg into ETN. It felt good!
The mining started to pay me just for being online… I put my other leg into ETN… it still felt warm… more mining ETN came in… I got involved in the forums… still learning and getting used to a weekly purchase of ETN… don’t get me wrong, I’m no fool but I wish I had found this years ago… but it wasn’t around then! I know my investment is safe and being nerchered by a great team being lead by Richard Ells… I love the forward thinking and vision. The thought of helping the unbanked and being part of helping less developed communities around the world get true value for their products and services though an eco system that is ETN… it was explained at the start of my journey that it’s a long term project so I know I have to be patient and get involved to help build the eco system by interaction within the community and helping to spread the word about ETN around the world.


Okay I have an idea that just might work (at least worth exploring) based off of a commercial I saw a while back. First let me give context to the commercial so you understand the massive impact that ETN could have if we do something similar with our own flair. Here is the commercial for context when you are watching it think about the impact it has then think about if we do something similar with ETN how much impact that could have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcruIov45bI It pulls on the emotional strings but does so very effectively. This commercial is 3:05 seconds long. More than enough time to get the point across that we can all make a better mark in this world by giving.

So if you have watched it my idea is we have a real life person go through a series of steps where they use ETN to a glorious ending no words need to be spoken as visual context can be extremely powerful. The power of being part of something incredible will move people to want to be more involved thereby getting to mass adoption faster in my opinion. Just my two cents. Thoughts, ideas, opinions???


I like this one…


O cool, I didn’t know a video was made for the anthem. Saw it for sale over at etnmarketplace.org as well as some other music.


One of the most common responses I get when talking to someone who’s unaware of what crypto is in general is: “what makes it better than what we already have?”

So we’d have to answer that question for total new people, show examples of how easy/ fast the etn app is to use, all the while working in the mission of ETN. All in a segment no more than 3 minutes long.

I’ve learned while giving presentations with public speaking to groups, even an excellent, well produced, action packed and engaging video starts to lose people’s attention after 3 minutes. :expressionless:

Combine the key points of the coinbase video above with the anthem video and that’d be a winner all it’s own. With some @MSystem tweaking if course. :wink:


Also, I like the idea of compiling content from etn community members in a separate video. Whether it’s fan art or shaky phone videos of people actually using the app/ ETN. Or whatever.

Makes both the tech and the brand more real and relatable to the average person.


Would it be an idea to show someone carving an ETN sign and being able to sell it to someone else in another country at the market rate, with them getting a better price than selling local… and of course using instant payment on the app… empowering the unbanked who then uses that ETN to help pay his phone bill…


I just feel ETN is like ACDC. Rocknroll. Kinda Thunderstruck. Etn bolt :sunglasses:


Nice a lots of good suggestions, can we list all the things ETN got, just to have a idea of what we got?


Instant payment

and so on…


I like all of these :+1:

What if we showed the reasons for using Electroneum over typical methods.

Wu vs Etn across the wolrd transaction fees comparison

Those who have to walk miles to top up their phone

The unbanked(giving them a financial platform)(also pays out Etn- mobile miner)

Oncoming partnerships(use cases)

Instant payment system(use cases)

E-commerce plugins(use cases)

Gig-economy(use cases)(providing cheaper development for developed nations while providing financial inclusion to developing nations)

Kyc-aml compliant(use cases)

Quick list I just got off work I will add more if I think of it. But imo the proof is in the pudding. We need to showcase the use cases of what Electroneum has and show how it helps those who need it most while still being a universally beneficial currency/platform for everyone who uses it :zap:


As far as sound tracks go.
Ive said it before somewhere.
1812 Overture.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir version is the best because it’s got real cannon.
6am tradition in my family to wake the neighbours on Christmas morning.
Full Noise!


What if we did a clever short video doing clips of Richard and Chris explaining Electroneum in different interviews. Like a sentence a interview?