What if we have another layer

It should be nice if we have another security layer like security questions when withdrawing electroneum or paying a client without it the ETN can’t be transferred.

What about Google 2FA?
Edit: actually, bad idea… It’s on the same freaking phone and it’s a phone app. XD

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We already have 2 layers, it is meant to be easy and quick to use. We don’t want people standing in a coffee line trying to remember their third grade school teachers name or messing around with google Authenticator to pay for it. It needs to be as simple as swiping your credit card and putting in your pin.


You’re right but to prevent intruders

we already have good security backed by hackerone

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Okay then there’s no need worrying

Yes, I agree with Rick on this one too.

Its never a bad thing to check with the community when you have an idea.

Also, people remember posts like this, and if there ever is a problem it can be revisited.

Dont ever stop bringing up your ideas either.

Throughout my life I have had some ideas that were implemented and they have been VERY effective!!

BUT for every great one that I got credit for that made a big difference, there were 9 more that were shot down.

Dont ever stop bringing ideas to the table.

Thanks for bringing it up.

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