What happens if the KYC is not done?


What happens if the KYC is not done? What about the paper wallet?


You will not be able to use your coins till you pass it, you would need to transfer to paper wallet, cli wallet or send the coins to an exchange. No KYC needed unless your coins are stored on mobile or online wallet.


I’m wondering equally


They don’t approve my passport, they say the security details are not clear. The photo is clearer than the clearest clear.


Try MOVING your passport as it’s actually video NOT a still photo. I had the same thing and I was rejected - but once I moved it gently in front of the camera so they could see the hologram I was approved.

They are aware of this and have agreed to make that more obvious in their user experience.



Ermmmm is the kyc verification a one time thing?? And is yoti serving as the same purpose?


I’m not able to verify address on level 2 in Yoti as i don’t have a passport and my I.D document does not have my address in it…!!..However on the desktop wallet in settings and my profile im able to upload a recent bank statement or any utility bill with address on in level 2…Its pending at the moment but at least you have the option of passing level 2 verification…! Hope this helps with the problem