What happened to fight the ETN dump?


What happened to fight the ETN dump?
Where did it disappear too?


We are now the FOMO MOONWALK Club! :slight_smile:


Perhaps people finally stopped perpetuating a group with “dump club” in its name (which implies there is always an imminent dump to be fought) and started focusing on moonwalking. Have a look around :wink:



What happened? Go over 10000 comments? Why can’t I find the old treads?


“Poof” it just somehow hit 10,000 and disappeared. :thinking: I’m off for a moonwalk.


i think something secret happened over night and we just need to move on. to be honest, im glad as i keep tabs open in Chrome for each thread i follow and now that’s one less i need open!!


The traces of an wolf in sheep clothing was best to just, vanish…


Bit of a pointless thread really. What dump club?


There is no dump club, where are getting this from?


Would it not best to inform everyone, just so it doesn’t happen again.
When M-kid wasn’t suspended, there was a lot of support for him in those treads.
If anyone spoke out against him, there was quite a few who attack those questioning M-kid?


Moon Walk Inspiration—>


Dump Club certainly had it’s time and place, but I have to say I prefer the Moonwalk thread. Less… Backside smooching. More community focus. :+1:


Ladies and Gents,

Electroneum Community is one of a kind, every day we grow larger and it is important that we hold ourselves to higher standards, especially when it comes to conduct in public. This being a public forum anyone can read the contents herein and they do not even have to sing up for the account to read all the comments within this thread. This thread is very popular we see familiar faces and got to know many of you on a personal level.

As we progress thought the ropes of life many of you will become the “Veterans of the Electroneum Community” with the waves of many new users looking up to you for your guidance, we want to give you the best tools we have at our disposal. We are here to support each and every one of you.
We do not want to scare people away with titles such as “Fight the Dump Club” we need to evolve as we become the brand that everyone knows of and speaks of. Be proud of Electroneum.

If you want to improve and succeed in your life, whether personally or in your career, surrounding yourself with people who hold you to a higher standard can do more wonders for your self-improvement and personal growth than you realize. These people aren’t the ones we should avoid or escape from, but instead we should cherish them for the unexpected growth they can provide us with. Your life is a reflection of your standards and how much you develop yourself can simply be down to who you are venting your opinions to and who is telling you honestly how things really are.

In few years when you look back you will proudly say, yes, I was there, I did that, I was part of the “original crew”

Have a nice weekend


Nice words M… @MSystem
I probably got friends for life in here.
And maybe Etn gives me the chance to visit some one day. A good portion of us have shared id’s.
Its easy to fall into the trap of lust liars, while at one point i admit i did,
But, my bell had a backnoise always.
We move on, We are not fighting anything, we are spreading. Msystems videos are smeared onto my facebook friends,:smile:, and i know they are starting getting aware.
We pull this salmon onshore together

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