What does this mean: Level 2 "€150 per 3 month period"

I do not understand the Level 2 “€150 per 3 month period” What does this mean? Are you saying I can not deposit or withdrawal more then €150 in 3 months unless I have the Level 2 Yoti verification?

Correct Level 2 is for 150 up to 10000 per 3 month period see below

What levels of KYC do I need to do?

Everyone must complete level 1 of KYC. This enables you to use up to 150€ of ETN within a 3 month period.

Level 2 is required if you wish to use over 150€ in a 3 month period (but up to a maximum of 10,000€).

Level 3 is for those using above 10,000€ (unlimited €) worth of ETN within a 3 month period.


What happens if I am Level 1 and transfer more than $150 of ETN into my wallet? Will the deposit fail?

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The way I read this is you can deposit or receive any amount , it’s the spending that is when lvl2 or 3 is required