What do you see?


I got 103,011etn for a total of BTC .07931890 at $493.87usd at time of purchase this morning. When you see over 100k etn coins being purchased for less than $500usd what do you think? Do you think “damn that is an incredible buy?” or do you think “What a shit coin it is going to zero?” You first thought to your mind determines what kind of investor you are! If you where given the opportunity to purchase BTC today for $10 each, would you say damn what a buy or damn what a shit coin BTC is? Right now and in the days/months to come we are more than likely being given the opportunity to purchase ETN at prices so low with gains so huge that it maybe a once in lifetime opportunity. If our price continues to fall look at it as being able to go back in time and buy BTC at $10. Don’t let this opportunity of epic proportions pass you by!


how many Sats was it at when you bought, your one of the lucky ones buying now! I bought in March and I’m now rekt :joy: but still HODL! it has huge potential and have thought that from the start not disappointed at all early days yet. If it hits 70 sats I’m buying in again so then I can look at you and say u got rekt :joy:


I purchase as high as 12cents per coin which at the time was around 750sats, I have been purchasing all the way down and have been able to bring my average cost down in around $.008 per coin. I keep buying to lower my overall risk and if we dump some more, I will keep buying tons more for less. :slight_smile:


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I think both , firstly dam I’ve lost out and secondly perfect time to purchase more .
We all get the fud , the panic but etn will rise above the rest . Slowly growing into a monster …


I look at it as the risk/reward ratio improving the lower it drops, based on what I know they are doing.


Can be looked at in different ways I suppose I think everyone is hurting at the moment everything seems to be down.


That’s an excellent average cost, M-Kid


I see it as a manipulated market.


UNfortunately, i thought that way for the past 3 months and always thought “this is the floor” 'this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" “the price wont get any cheaper”

I’ve been buying each month, trying to DCA, but history DOES repeat itself and I wont be suprised to see price fall even further. The real question lies in… Are you able to HODL? is this a Long Term investment?

I sort of write my investment off, not as a loss, but money I dont have. "its gone’ Either ETN will be hugely successfull, or it will be a flop. Your buying mood should not be determined on short term gains, but the likelyhood of this project taking off in the future.


Absolutely. People should look at this like they would if they placing a bet on a horse.


we are solely dependent on bitcoin at the moment. so it could tank or it could shoot through the roof or it could do nothing. Until ETN is fully live and open to the target markets i guess we just have to ride it out.


You are right, we will be dependant on BTC’s succes as it still the doorway to the cryptoworld… for now.

When ETN is going to do some networking and marketing (Sponserships, Ads, Giveaways, Events , etc…) it will draw way MORE attention to the App and people can step into the cryptoworld for free. As long we don’t have the marketing we will rely on the ASICS dumping on this price.

I’d say let the Cloud Mining begin already and let the partnerships roll in for the upcoming years!
I’m very BULLISH on this project.


I guess BTC was also considered a sheetcoin back in 2010.


Albert, that is precisely the attitude to have. We are investing in a startup business within a startup industry. A double whammy.