What do you guys think that the future will look like for Electroneum?

Do you think it’ll grow like other cryptos and its value will increase? I find the concept of it being very focused on developing areas great in the humanitarian sense, however, rather limited and that it will not increase as much in popularity. Of course if a degree of these developing areas start to become emerging markets, perhaps it’ll start to grow.
I still find electroneum to be rather limited with a low value and should expand more into other areas. Anytask is a nice example of it venturing out.
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What other cryptos are you referring to, there are only a few that actually get used for anything other than playthings on exchanges?

I was just being told how dumb I am on twitter the other day by a gang of morons because I believe ETN is making all the right moves.

These geniuses were explaining to me how important it is that ETN accept ETN on anytask and how success could only be achieved by accepting both cards and ETN…and explained to me how taking cards causes more harm than good…blah blah.

They then went on to explain how big of an idiot I was because I didn’t share their view that those who curently hold ETN in their wallets and those who receive rewards are the key to success. They believe that those receiving free ETN rewards would also be buyers of tasks…heh. But I’m the idiot.

They won’t concede that the fact of the matter is enabling credit cards and debit cards brings far more new money into ETN because buyers are able to purchase easily with no hassles and the ETN still has to be acquired by the OTC desk to process payouts to sellers. Matter not that it is done indirectly, It creates circulation far faster than relying on ICO investors to power transactions or try to make the buying process confusing and difficult for potential buyers.

Those geniuses also tried to tell me that there are no use cases for ETN…blah blah Then explained how the West and developed world using ETN was the only chance it had to be worth anything.

I’m tired of theses clowns with this weird idea that magically overnight the West is going to go coocoo for crypto and go through the hassles involved to acquire it when it solves no problem for them at all.

No one in the west has any difficulty conducting a digital transaction, we have hundreds, thousands of available methods to pay for something digitally…when you take into account that most people who have a credit card have multiple cards of the same brand from multiple issuers.

ETN is providing a solution and better option in areas where little to no decent options currently exist in some cases to conduct digital transactions, and in others they create an incentive to give it a try.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when areas of focus will begin to use ETN more and more.

Find a need and fill it.

That’s what ETN has done and will continue to do.

ETN continues to explore and develop more and more uses cases. It’s time will come.


Besides, there’s far more potential users in SE Asia, South America, Central America, ect than there are in the US and UK combined. It isn’t even close.

So try to convince consumers in US and UK to adopt ETN, bang on Corporate doors in the US and UK or move forward with current strategy?

The choice is rather obvious and the only path that makes any sense at all.

Now they have created a way for any of those people to earn ETN, new income that the option to earn did not exist before anytask was released.

Most of the target market has a very difficult time dealing with the payout methods every other platform uses. And I’m not just talking a slight inconvienence, but rather, they can’t get paid or have to go through a huge hassle to get paid…for the money to arrive in their hands and be spendable.

And that’s not even taking into account the fees they pay if they are actually able to get paid or the wait time for payment to arrive.

Again… Find a problem and provide a solution.

Now you potentially have thousands, tens of thousands, hopefully millions in a few years who earn ETN on a regular basis and need or would like to have somewhere to spend it…or a way to convert to local fiat.

You would have to think that retailers and businesses of all types are going to take notice and things could move pretty fast once they decide they want a piece of that earned ETN.


Well said man, you are spot on. ETN is not a fake trade volume speculated crypto. We are a real world use case crypto that yes is providing a solution to a very bad problem. Anytask is what you need to bring in new money. As I have stated in the past when people buy tasks they will not care about the price of ETN, what they do care about is what they are getting for their $10 USD. That in turn will by all rights drive the price of ETN up as the coins will become harder to come by. This is not financial advice but my own opinion. It may take a few months or years, but rest assure we are on the right track and numbers do not lie. ETN is growing at a very rapid rate. That attracts big businesses.


@Dngruss and @MUENORTCELE Firstly, I want to thank you for this detailed answer. I agree with you on many parts I also see that ETN can grow to be spectacular thing. I find it especially impressive as it tackles a different audience than your rather standard developed areas. I also hope to see big things come from it and that their is a sign of constant construction on the app and the things it works with.


Thanks, I really believe that ETN is on the right path, The things they are doing aren’t easy, but they are worth doing.

The passion of the team and the leaders is what will push things through the difficult challenges they come across.

They know what they have, they know the impact it can have and the positive effect anytask and ETN can have on combating poverty while providing new opportunities.

With the help of the NGO’s and others who will embrace the mission of the project along the way, ETN will do great things.

One day those who now doubt and criticize will be left feasting on crow. But no one will care what they had to say negatively about the project, or if they enoyed their crow…ETN will be too busy actually doing things while others talk about how things should be done, but not actually doing anything but talk.


We don’t need 22 cents😀.
To be honest those 22 cents were built on hype. An with way less coins in circulation.

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if millions of people will use etn on average daily 10k etn/person ($30/person) the price must rise otherwise this is not possible to accomplish. for example to use 10k etn by 2.2 million person means 22billion etn but the max is 21b. so they will use less etn e.g. 9k etn/day but for bigger price for 1 etn. $30=9k etn. later more people then 8k etn=$30 … 1k etn=$30 … 100 etn=$30 … 10etn=$30 etc…
it depends on the demand


Okay, so how do you envision the people within ETN’s target market are going to obtain all this Bitcoin to spend?

Who are the people you refer to when you say “very likely that people wont need anything other than bitcoin”?

Sorry…your question doesn’t actually appear to be a critical question to me when you lump everyone on the planet into one economic group…and ignore the fact that ETN does solve some problems for people in developing economies.


The real question is why do people use their Chase Rewards card sometimes or if they shop at Costco use their Costco Anywhere Visa, or why use a travel card or cash back card …you get the idea rigth? Why get an account at Navy Federal if you have one at Wells Fargo?

You seriously have trouble seeing why ETN has advantages over any community crypto in existence or any that may come along in the future?


If given the choice “people” will choose the method that doesn’t contribute to the destruction of the planet by requiring ridiculous amounts of electricity consumption or the one that can’t be forked endlessly by anyone with the know-how and desire to create a new crypto currency while they alone have total control over the blockchain code and any updates to it.


the idea of cryptocurrencues to have finite supply. why would ETN increase supply?


This is true they can increase and burn supply but would only be done if absolutely needed. We can speculate but most likely not a drastic surplus of supply like you are implying. If/when Electroneum has a Market cap like bitcoin’s we will have a better idea what that may look like
I highly doubt it will be implied in the near future unless to burn supply as there is more supply than demand currently.

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