What do think about Electroneum tour around Africa,Asia,America, Europe,etc


Chris ,how can we benefit if electroneum comes on tour to my continent


ETN team need to be more visible. This year they missed the MWCS in late June in Shanghai. And there is a lot of Blockchain conferences worldwide so we can present our instant payment solution we need be on minimal 50% of this conferences. I was very sad that the team wasnt there at MWCS2018… We need more operators or Telcoin or others project beat us… And good is if we can partnered with MPESA - this is very popular in Africa and Romania and we can offer good solution for poor countries…
And i couldnt wait till our marketing and marketing from our partners start… It will be masive boom in numbers


South Africa will be nice to welcome the team


With the ZAR/DOLLAR value as it is now, ETN payment system, would make so much sense?


@4a83271118681bb4841c I think that would be amazing i would most definitely visit them they are more then welcome to come to The Netherlands! Its also across the ocean for them so shouldn’t be to hard but i think they could reach a lot if they would tour around and promote Electroneum everywhere in their latest video from today they said that they want to see if they can find ambassadors in different country’s trough the ETN community forum to help them promote etn for them also :mega::blush:

You can find it on their facebook: