What are your electroneum dreams?


Nice , thanks for sharing

My ideas have changed since i started the topic .but i cant edir. new ideas … business employees etc give people a secure job…

Help charities … but it all depends on how high the moon is …


Ok I don’t have FOMO for the first time in a year due to the massive purchase of ETN today.


The day it reaches 1 dollar , then my dreams will come true…


I like it when fudders come around.
Their fudding makes my love towards crypto become more stronger.


You will regret it…


You’ve been in this forum for a while.Are you really a fudder or have you just lost your way?


The bull run’s way way ahead of March.So i think there will be lot of time to come back if you feel.
Lot of time to undo the selling.


Cryptos are not just about the money.They’re about the hope they give to people in the darkest moments and parts of the world


So so true @CryptoRidz I want to see Electroneum succeed and not just for the value of my investment. I really believe they have the potential to make a really positive difference in the world :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Well night all…time to dream some electroneum dreams :wink:


Sweet ETN dreams to you @Storm :blue_heart::zzz:


I sense a masterpiece of a post coming :nerd_face::point_down::point_down::point_down:


Thankyou …

But if your wrong .

You will need one of these

If im wrong

Ill just


Please remember that, while we accept constructive criticism, we do not accept constant negativity, as this helps no one.


Hehehe :joy: that’s awesome @Plankton


Thankyou @Rachel.
Appreciate your words.


Its pretty good @Plankton


Lol yep! Then the ones who sell and don’t HODL will look
at how successful ETN is and be like…



Thankyou …

No need for people to be negative all the time.

Much love to this community

I :heart: you all


We :purple_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart: you too @Plankton