What are your electroneum dreams?


I just followed him and subscribe to his channel


Now how should I get the electroneum dad


Sell clothes and cars You make 3 cars sell for $3.33 USD each = $10 Profit.
Buy 1000 ETN. Price of ETN goes to $1,000 in ten years. You now would have $1.000,000.000
Change your life make clothes and cars then sell them.


Now that my friend is truly what I call a gift.
You have given some one the ability through your knowledge alone to turn their dreams into a reality.
You inspire me…Thank you :heart::heart::heart::heart:


I want to do a few things.

  1. Donate a ridiculous amount of money to Good works farm charity for the Autistic and mentally handicapped so they can buy their farm. (They allow the people to come, do day camps, low key festivals and teach work skills to the people. Right now, they are trying to raise the money as we speak.
  2. Launch my comic world wide. (If I can.)
  3. Buy a ranch with land. Own goats, dogs horses and perhaps mini cows. :blush: I want to call it, the Blue Bolt Ranch. Teach my son how to rope and ride.
  4. Have a rustic log house in Wyoming. However seeing those pics of Mt. Rainier…:eyes: the ranch may change locations.
    HUGE stone fireplace with huge windows to look out at the mountains for the snowy days.
  5. Ensuring that I have a safe and secure life for my daughter in place before I pass.:hugs:


If you have a dream make it so. I had a similar dream growing up I now live. I Now live on a piece of land we call “Country Peace” Living my Dream here for the last 20 years. Find a peace of land and work out a deal with the owner to develop it pay $500 a month rent on the land until the work is done and close a loan with the bank to payoff construction and balance on the land. and you have your dream. The hardest part is finding a land owner to go along with it.


Beautiful dreams one and all.
Great to see the break away from the Lambo syndrome.
Fantastic to see those that are thinking of helping others less fortunate to develop and further their lives.
Thats the true Spirit of the project and the wonderfully diverse community that continually contributes to its growth every single day.


May all your Electroneum dreams come true!


I also Have a dream to help someone in South or Central America become a successful YouTuber if this is you please PM me. We will plan together and launch your channel with help from the Electroneum community!


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I’ve seen Mt. Rainier from the air many times going in and out of the SEATAC airport, have yet to have a long enough layover to get out and explore. It is on my future travel list.

Big sky country is on the list too, we’ve also considered a move to the area.

Alaska was the big dream place to move, we’ll see.


I’m stuck , I’ve seen so many beautiful places where some of the community live . My original plan was Montana but from what I have seen is mind-blowing


This is the Alaska most people think about: (And it is very good.)

Tern Lake, just above Moose Pass, then there’s this: (Also around Moose Pass)

Although, most of my time spent up there is in the Western part which looks more like this:


Well that’s it … I’m just going to have to go there too…

Looks stunning




That looks like a stingray !! It’s awesome thanks for sharing @Tanwax


That’s pretty sweet, new definition for an “island hopper” for sure. Best of both worlds between a boat and seaplane. Looks like it’s designed to remain in ground effect over water only though.

500 hp v8! Sounds like the cats meow for any hodlers retiring to islands and ocean.


It was me who got my boyfriend into crypto last year and I spend time on this forum while he happily watches Star Wars or Star Trek downstairs LOL :smiley: However, I had a chat with him two nights ago regarding what he would do if ETN “moons”. This was his reply:

“I’m happy with everything I already have. But if ETN moons, I’d buy a new acoustic guitar the same as the one I already have and I’d set up a local charity for teaching music and providing music therapy to disabled / disadvantaged children.”

I knew from the start of this relationship I was a very lucky lady. Then last night he said “Hey, Sally, do you know what, this would be really expensive, but come here, come here - wouldn’t the dining room look great with oak panelling all around - it would look like an old library!”. Hee hee. He’s so sweet, so thoughtful, and he does have a point about the oak panelling- it would look superb! He’s definitely a keeper!

@Tanwax I always wanted to get my seaplane rating! Let me set up the music charity first, then maybe we can go halves on the AirFish :wink:

#happylife #etnfomomoonwalk #musictherapy #charity #financialinclusion