What are your electroneum dreams?


Im stuck in a city for the time being.
Not a big city but a city.
Im looking forward to some fresh air again soon.
Time for a move soon


@Plankton Yeah no doubt very coincidental.


The birth place of George Washington…

Oh and I’ll have to visit tanwax lake sometime after we :waxing_crescent_moon: , it looks stunning !!


I have always wanted to go to England My ancestors are from England (Whales) and Ireland. Some of them came here on the mayflower the original colonists. It was the biggest land grab in history stole all the native Americans land.


Some history there !! Wow that’s a few moons ago as for coming to England , if you like cold , wet sometimes sunny yeah it’s an ok place . Depends on where you visit , some beautiful places …

I’d love to visit Montana dam that place has some eye candy !! So does a lot of the states , I’ve only been to Florida. So when etn moons that it I’m off on a whirlwind tour of the world.

I can’t wait…


Right on Bro I live in the shadow of Mount Rainier google it and look for a place called Paradise.


Now this I have to see , this is just … Yeah I gotta go .

Ok Montana’s just dropped to 2 on the list , this is beautiful ! And you leave near here … wow . Never leave that is paradise…


This is my home and there is a place called Paradise up on the mountain.


I live 3000 feet from where this picture was taken it is called clear lake. I live on a peace of land between clear and Tanwax lake. Come over we will go fishing for trout and cook it over an open camp fire.


It’s a deal !! When etns mooned I’ll be over most definitely , camera glued to my face lol


That would be the top picture with the houses on the lake that is clear lake. I had the option to buy the land that this picture was taken from last year. I passed as I do not need more land to care for. The picture on the bottom is near where my brother lives on the left side of the mountain from where I live I will go see him today.


Well you and your family are blessed to live there , it’s absolutely stunning.

One day hopefully I will see it… thanks for telling me about paradise, and I thought Montana was beautiful. I clearly live in the wrong part of the planet hahaha


My dream is to have enough so I lift my family from poverty and donate to charity and help those in needs… I’m sure Electroneum would make our dreams comes true


How are the cars coming along and did you find a local artisan to make clothing or other crafts to sell for ETN?


I’m studying at school now okay unless we are on vacation


I am kicking ass and collecting crypto baby


Kindly break it down pls,


Buying crypto waiting for moon time


You done enough for me I can’t disputes that


Check it out here