What are your electroneum dreams?


Thanks @Dr_Jan_Itor , I hear ya on the financial side …

Thanks for sharing… it really nice to see what people’s dreams are.



My wife has told me multiple times, I just have to take her to see penguins :penguin: and she’s happy.

Does the zoo count? Lol

It doesn’t.


I wanted to edit my post and add on start a zoo up , somewhere near me .

But I can’t edit…

I love animals , not spiders tho … devil’s spawn those things hahaha…

My daughter loves penguins too lol .

Happy wife =happy life an old man told me that in my first job at 16 lol


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Haha, I had a dream that we did just that the other night and the wife was all for it. As long as there’s penguins. Lol


Go for it…



How?? too is the question bro.


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I am creating this thread so the early adapters of this project have a place to document their hopes and dreams. Whether you are mining, buying, or asking for more ETN what are your hopes for your future with this coin?

My hopes are to have ETN go up enough so I am able to pay off my house. Anything beyond that will be part of my retirement. I think that realistically with the amount that I hold this goal is achievable.

Then on the other hand the little bug whispering in my ear says wait until it goes way above that price point and make life changing money. Then I come to my senses and think if I pay my house off this will be life changing for me.


That is a great dream, Tanwax. Someone wise once said that the definition of rich is spending less than you make. If I could pay off my house too it would be amazing, a great burden off my shoulders.


Thanks for the topic @Tanwax
Also your wise words @Squidward_Nakamoto

I have to totally agree with both of you niice dream.
For those of you that care to dream a lot bigger , just beware the cost of maintaing that dream.
As one Lamborghini owner said…an oil change cost me US$3000.
Just as an example.
I Dream of the things that money cant buy, create or synthesize.
A loving wife
and kids.
Grandchildren if youre my age…
Good friends
World peace and an end to poverty.
I Dream for these things for all mankind
For this should be our childrens reality not just a dream.


My dreams and several others …


@Plankton I have all this I just want to pay my house off. I will do this regardless of what the project does but it would be nice to pay off the house. My house is no where near as fancy as the one you dream about however it is surrounded by forest and trees.
Also @Pahini I agree with the maintenance statement you made about the maintenance of the dream as I have reduced the size of the yard I maintain on my property to about 2.5 acres.


I love the forest , It gives a health boost when I visit , fresh air and makes you feel at one with nature , that’s why I would love to be surrounded buy a wooden house and a forest.
Peace and tranquility


@Plankton I love living surrounded by trees it does in fact give you a piece of mind not found in city living.


I live in an urban area , not too busy but not too my liking , hence my post lol . One day it will happen , to the moon I say !!


Where are you at? if you Google Tanwax lake in Washington state USA this is where I have lived for over 33 years.


Creepy !!!
A small town called
Washington !! Uk