What are your electroneum dreams?


For me, I’d like to start my own business. I have several in mind actually I’d like to work on simultaneously. I hope one day that comes to fruition and it’d be a lot of fun or us all to share our ETN dreams with each other once they’re able to be realized. Also anything I start would definitely be accepting ETN as a payment method, I think I’d offer a special discount for those whom choose to use it to encourage adoption.

Once they’re successful I’d like to do as much as I can to help others, provide employment, donate to charities maybe even start my own. Basically anything possible to help people around the world.

And for me, I want a nice home built on a large plot of land too out in the countryside.


That sounds like a plan , nice one @J5Alive

Thanks for the comment…


I would like to get my first brand new car with zero miles. I think that would be amazing to just say I want that one.


You’re most welcome Chris.


Amen to that !!!

Brand new car would be a dream come true…

Thankyou for sharing your dream…


Thank you @Plankton arrrgghh 20 characters lol


I agree there! I’ve got a Tesla with my name on it haha. Perhaps a nice suv & pickup from Rivian too.


Yup those would be so cool! So far when I get a car I’ve always had to say “we’ll it’s new to me” lol


Lol absolutely, it’ll sure be a nice change to have one right off the assembly line brand new!


Zero emissions zero miles … Ludicrous mode wooooooo…

Looking forward to the future models …


Oh yeah! same here Chris. Telsa’s pickup should be absolutely amazing too. With the new Shanghai factory in production that’s going to boost their output dramatically too.

You know Elon has a design for a super sonic electric plane too! He said there is just too much on his plate to do anything with it yet.


Pickup ?!? As in a truck …

I watched the building of the factory the other day , it’s huuuuge not sure which factory it was though.

Some nice tech in those cars . I love the battery swap out system amazing . The video with him filling a car and swapping batteries was classic…


Indeed, actually he said the pickup truck is the project he’s most excited about out of
his entire product line by far. That will sell like hotcakes once it comes out, I can’t wait
to see the unveiling.


That’s looks futuristic !! Will definitely watch for that …



You’re welcome and well, the first one he’s doing is a Madmax type truck with a wild design lol. He’s like I’m building it and i don’t care who buys it, it’ll be awesome. Then he said if he needs to he’ll build a conventional pickup truck to in order cater to a wider consumer base.


Actually you can’t buy a 0 miles car they test drive them 4-5 miles and then drive them to ship. On and off trucks and boats to lots.


Thankyou. That is great info to know. So I don’t ask dealerships for one and look like an idiot lol


That is true, about the best you can do is pick it right up from the dock as it comes into your country. I did exactly that once with a broker I used to work for, he bought the car from a dealer and I flew him to northern New Jersey to pick it up “fresh off the boat.” :open_mouth:

In the old days, they would disconnect the odometer cable for the test drive and then reconnect it after delivering to the dealership. Don’t know if that was everyone. And I don’t know if anyone does that digitally anymore.

I’ve also heard you could pick up a special order car directly from the factory, but don’t know if that’s still possible.


Nice thread @Plankton, digging the cabin in the woods and hearing other people’s dreams.

As for me, sustainable financial freedom is the goal. It sounds cliched, but I’m already very blessed and really can’t complain. We’re not “rich” at all, but I’ve come from nothing twice and worked hard for everything I have. I couldn’t not work anymore even at the magic fugazi price. It would just change from “having to” go to work to “getting to” do exactly what I want to do, whatever that means at any given time.

At that time, I’ll probably turn a side hustle into a real business and go from there.

Definitely travel more like we used to.

Edit: O yea, paying off the mortgage is a big one too.


I like the truck! I would like to drive one of thease