What are your electroneum dreams?


@M-Kid @eFiJy @Mr.CryptoCZ @Cryptoman what do you think about?


Don’t worry. I have the same problem, but this is a kind of Babbel Tower where for the first time everybody understand the others :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Its amazing how patient and understanding the community of electroneum is! Thanks for your imput on my concept! @Stefo


Hope mine and your words are only the starting on something to work about. Hope in the help of administrators to develope our ideas and understand that this isn’t only a community, but thanking also @M-Kid with the fight club, is a reality that could live day by day


I really believe we are the building blocks of a better world @Stefo we are going to change life as we know it!


I would pay off me and my brothers student debt. Then I would probably give family and close friends a month trip in Asia or something. I would most likely purchase a cottage and a Ford Mustang and spend the majority of my time developing games, which is something I love but hard to make a living out of.


My dreams are $1, $10, $50, and eventually $100. This would net me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.6 million off of my modest investment with another $million of ETN still hodling. I’ve had others that have paid off, but not quite this well. This is the one that could really change everything for me and my family.


I want to buy a plot of land in California and build an AI dome home that can never be destroyed by fire, earthquake, high winds, etc and I want to have a huge garden with exotic food plants and trees from around the world and a pond with good circulation/water flow.

It’s been a long time since I looked through the stock floor plans but I think the one I choose is this one.

and this garage with a studio next to it

Real estate is expensive here in California so I’ve been a room renter my whole life. To own a house and a plot of land is my dream. Not having to deal with another landlord’s life issues and standing on my own strength without that burden anymore would be a release. The last landlady wanted me to be super UBER friendzoned being the substitute husband and father of her kid for no sex and I am tall and handsome and not fat.

I’m a nice guy and I’m not going to abandon a child even if it’s not mine or a single mother if I see she is in need of help even if she was the cause of the breakup of the marriage (which she clearly was) but if you are just going to use me and waste away my life to further your own then after almost a year I’m out. The child can come visit me whenever she wants, I’m still here for her.

The landlord before that was a gay man that was an expert at socializing but was really borderline psychotic and would create and destroy relationships both friendly and otherwise in less than a month. I think he went through more room renters in 1 quarter than the whole city average in a year. The same cycle over and over again, new guy or girl is the best thing that ever happened to this house, party, party, party, one or two weeks later big fight and he kicks them out. This guy was messed up. I avoided him all the time and that’s why I lasted so long there (3 years). When he finally decided to pick a fight with me (1 month after I saved his life) and kick me out his disabled mom was so upset she came over every day for 2 weeks to scold him knowing he was wrong. He spent the whole time trying to justify and distract the issue.

I can go on and on with the previous landlords. Am I to go house to house helping each person with their issues?

I’m so tired of dealing with the landlord’s life issues. How can I carry the burden of so many families and different landlords life issues each year and counsel them and still pursue my own dreams? Please Electroneum, I have 266k of ETN. Please release me from this burden of room renting, it’s unfair. I deserve my own house. I will be kind and nice to my neighbors and my mom can come live with me rent free.

Did that sound like a prayer? Because I’m not religious. I was stuck in a cult when I was 16 to 21 then again 28 to 31 and used as slave labor by aggressive dominating females that scapegoated me for their issues with their husbands and the cult.



You WILL get your dreams my friend …

We will all get our dreams


Where in Wales would you move to… Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is such a beautiful place…

Sorry, I just wanted to find an excuse to highlight that place name in Wales to blow the minds of our unaware friends.

All I know it’s the double L is pronounced “CLH” and it ends “go-go-gogh” or something close.


Wow! It’s a real place! I’ll have to add that to my ETN dreams. I need to go there.


Hi my name is farid Kali from Iran Tehran.


Hello Farid Kali, welcome to the thread, what are your Electroneum dreams?


1 ETN = 0,1$, this will do to me :crazy_face::+1::sunglasses:


To have some extra for easy livin.


I don’t have a lot of electroneum but if I had to pick a dream it would be to tell my mom one day that she doesn’t have to worry about money any more because I can pay her rent for her. She has done so much for me.


getting a Shiba Inu :dog2:


Nice :dog2: , I always wanted a husky but they are way to popular now so I got 2 cats instead hahhaa


Same dream as you pretty much. Even down to the awsome log cabin! :grin: Only thing different is I plan on donating to a great organization called good works farm. They help out children/young adults with autism. If I can, I shall retire early and work with them to expand their organization.


There is one of these houses on the property behind my house. Only complaint is they wish the would have put in acoustic dampening material as it echos all sounds from miles away.